What is opportunity? Opportunity is easy come, but also easy go. Once got the opportunity, we must accept it. For example, I got the scholarship from my University to further study. It is very good opportunity to allow me to go to the next step. Yes, I still standing at middle of the stair now, not too low or too high. I hope I can stand stable as long as I can. A new point is just started, but I already think when I will reach the end point? haha:p Be patient.

Yeah, my master life is started. Master life is totally different with degree life and LI life. LI life, everyday, sit in front of pc, ..pc face me, I face pc..My LI supervisor told me. What you can improve? I only can improve my programming skills only. I agree what sweetie say "I believe only through human stories, activites, taking responsibilities can make human improved". During degree life, every times, rush here and there (assignment, exam, presentation, project), but I still to manage to join some activity such as Tzu Chi once I got the times. Now master life, the times is more feasible. You can do anythings as you like in anytime. But, always remember the deadline. Haha:p master already, I can't simply doing my things and then pass up or submit to my supervisor. Once you not satisfy what you do, do you think others people satisfy what you do? haha:p Last times, I have a project given me 1 month times to do. During Infosys, I only given few days to do. Now is more challenges. Early morning receive email, then afternoon have to submit already. Yeah, it keep training me to become more productive. Besides that, I need to build new social network in a new environment.

Another question, people always asking me, "Why are you taking master here? You not feel boring, no people from you batch study master?". My answer: I stay here is because I got best supervisor, best senior, best junior here.^^ Master life not only doing you own thesis but also involve others things. Yeah, I so happy, my supervisor giving me a good opportunity to handle the STAr project. He can broaden my eyes and bring me to see the world. Yesterday, he bring me along to go to meet the principal. At first, I also quite scare, but after that I also try to speak out and ask questions. Ya, this is the point, which my supervisor want to train me..Once you got the idea, you must speak out..he don't want to train me to do things since he know I can do things. After that, he bring me go to find his former secondary teacher. I can imagine the teacher is very very happy, because she got a good student, some more is Prof. Dr..haha:p quite professional. I can thinking do I have chance to meet my former teacher when I successful one day. This is the first times, I learn a lot of things from him. I really appreciate it..^^

life of quotes:
Success start with opportunity..


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