- Sunset at Avenue of Stars -

- Avenue of Stars -

19-10-2014 (Sunday)
We reached Kowloon terminal. The first thing, we need to do is to get the Octopus card (only available at MRT station). After that, we went to find the hotel (Delta hotel) at Chung King Mansion Building, Tsim Sha Tsui. All the 1-2 stars hotels in this building and the place look like Bangladesh area. >.< After check in, we went to Avenue of Stars which is 15 minutes walk from my hotel.

- Ocean Park (1) -

- Ocean Park (2) -

-- Panda In Ocean Park --

20-10-2014 (Monday)
The next morning, we went to Ocean park (ticket HK 320) by taking the bus and train. This first times, I went to Hong Kong with family in year 2002 . That times, I visited Hong Kong Disneyland. Compared with Ocean park and Disneyland, I prefer go to Disneyland as I feel disappointing with the shows (sea lion and feeding food show etc.) More fun in Disneyland (Firework, 4D cinema, and etc.),
Spending the whole day in Ocean park without taking any meals (GENG)
There are many tourism agents sell the ticket which is discount HK 20-30, but I not buy the ticket from them (Believe? no believe? Better buy at the main counter)

-- Ngong Ping Village --

-- Tai O Fishing Village --

-- Dried seafood at Tai O market --

21-10-2014 (Tuesday)
We take the Crystal cable car (HK 160) went to Ngong Ping Village. It need a lot of walk and climb the stairs. A big Buddha and nice views there. After that, we went to Tai O fishing village by bus. There are a lot of dried seafood on Tai O street market. I bought some dried oyster and "Gan Bei" for my Mum...^.^..

22-10-2014 (Wednesday)
Our flight at 6 p.m but we went to airport after check out the hotel. Bye! Bye!

P/S: That times, I went to Hong Kong is 2014 Hong Kong Protests. Many road is blocked as protesters's tents on the road. Compare to Thailand, Bangkok (March 2014, that times I burn my ticket). it is safe to travel to Hong Kong during democracy protests. Every day, we walked from one place to another place, I can feel my leg almost "Patah" already. Trying the nice food in Hong Kong (Teh Ais, Dim Sun, Wanton Mee, Roasted Duck and etc). 

-- the place must go when you tell people, you visit Macau --

-- Senado Square --

-- Fortaleza do Monte --

-- Portugal Egg Tart MOP 8 --

18-10-2014 (Saturday)
Flight to Macau at 2.15pm. Reach Macau at 6.00pm. Taking the MT1/MT2 go to Casino Lisboa. People told us took 15 minutes will arrived our hotel (Man Va hotel) but we took 2 hours to find the hotel. When finding the hotel, I saw a lot of 钜记手信 shops and jewelry shops (周六福,周大福, 周生生) and casino. What a tiring day, walked along the street with my big luggage. Sleep early ya. Rest well. The next early morning, we went to Ruins of St.Paul's, Senado Square and Fortaleza do Monte. After visited, we took the TurboJET went to Hong Kong (around 55 minutes).

P/S: It is very suffer when we finding the hotel. Plus, we don't have small coins as the money changer give us HK 500 /HK 100. Thus, we faced a lot of problem when taking the public transport there.

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