~ Colorful Building ~

~ Colorful Flower ~


~ Video Capture By Me ~

P/S: Sharing my video which taken at Festival Light and Motion Putrajaya 2015 (LAMPU) - from 30 October to 1 November 2015.
Hope you guys enjoy the video. :)

 Away Day 2015
3 Days 2 Night at Paradise Valley

 ~ Paradise Valley - More Info
Abseiling, also 
called rappelling, is the controlled descent of a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope. Climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection.
~ Flying Fox ~ Are you ready? >,< ~
~ Watch Man Tower ~ 
 ~ Obstacle Wall ~
~ Raft Building ~
~ Dormitory Room, the room which I sleep ~
~ The food which I enjoy to eat - BBQ with beer ~

What a fruitful day?


Last but not least,
~ Our team - Rock Star with Leader, Jay Kim ~

23-10-2015(Friday) -  Are you free on this weekend? Me: Yes!!! HR: OK. Join!!! Do you know what activity you join? Me: Don't know! But, you say "YES". These week is the third week I joined the new company, I feel myself is very lucky, I able to join their activities - Away day 2015 (3 days 2 nights in Paradise Valley. Half day work on Friday. After lunch, we went to Semenyih.

Day1 - Abseiling, Flying Fox, Climbing Colorful Tower
Day2 - Tug of War, Obstacle Wall, Raft Building, Kayak Queen, Water Polo, Singing (Karaoke)
Day3 - Broga Hill Hiking

P/S:All activities are very challenging, especially climbing the watch man tower. Climb..climb..climb..until the green line, I unable to reach the top. My hand is shaking when I hold too tightly. Once I left my hand, I fall down and my leg hit the wall. Try again, hold again, push myself. (Repeating 3 times). At the end, I had give up and feel sad >.<. I can't do it. There are many people are injured during activity, but they still keep fighting until the last games, this called TEAM WORK SPIRIT. My muscle get sore after I workout, but anyway, I still have fun in this trip. [PLAY HARD * WORK HARD]

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