- Will Miracle Happen ? -

29-3-2014 (Saturday) - Three weeks ago is a "Black" day in my country. A Malaysia Airlines (MH370, B777-200) aircraft plane departed KL at 12.41 a.m on 8 March 2014, and expected to land in Beijing at 6.30 a.m on the same day. The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers. The flight took a long way to land in Beijing. Can someone tell us, when you (the flight) will lands? Will miracle happen? Can God show your powerful to us? 

P/S: Appreciate everyone around you, especially those who spent times with you (your family) as we don't know what will happen next. Don't waste your time on someone that doesn't make you happy.

- Photo with Super senior, Annie, Shirley, Amanda -

15-3-2014 (Saturday) - Today is my senior big day (Peter & Annie's Wedding and Reception). Congratulations to both of you. Besides, thanks for inviting me attend your wedding dinner. Me is special a bit. It is a great wedding dinner and nice gathering for all of us. Finally, we meet each others after 12 years. Everyone is change. Change status - some of them become mother level, some of them become unavailable, soon there are many wedding to attend. But, many of them change to become more pretty, change to become more slim. Everyone look good. "Come come come cello, we take photo together", president said. Make me recalling back my secondary school life. Three of them is my closer seniors when I joined orchestra Cina in year 2000. We practice together and performance together. :) That whole night wedding, we talked with non stop, super excited. Besides, thanks for sharing working experience and life experience with me. What a wonderful day..^.^

10-3-2014 (Monday) - After master graduation - think, after Chinese New Year - think again, after Kuching trip - think again and again. Given myself one week time to rethink and rethink. Finally, I make a decision and I choose not to stay here any more. 

I did not state any reason on my letter. I did not expect any things from my boss. I just waiting her to proceed to my letter, and waiting her signature. Finally, my boss had responded to me. First day - a) Why? b) Do you want to change team? Second day - Can have a talk? Going to her office and having half an hours discussion. While talking with her, I feel guilty. Third day - After rethink whole night and I told her my answer. She response to me - "I still not accept..What can make you stay?". After I read this statement, I feel more guilty. 

Two months notice? Everyone asking me why two months notice. In this months, I hope can pass my work to my new colleague. Sadness, I just notice, she also resign after I make my decision. I hope I not the person who influenced her. Now, I feel more and more guilty and need to pass all my works (Daily support, project-TDS, JR, Zone Leader for Cleanliness, President of IT club) to others. Some colleague asked me: "You not do support only?.Are you feel pressure?"..The first time, I came here. That times, I feel stress as suddenly I has been assigned as main support. But, few months doing the main support, finally I able to handle it. Anyway, I wish them all, each and every one, success and good fortune.

- Awesome! I like Music and I found a song for resignation - >.<

P/S: Why? Why? Why? Asking myself  - when you choose to leave, then only people will appreciate you! 








- Photo with Sweetie -

1-3-14 (Saturday) - Turn here, turn there and U-turn back. Driving into wrong road and facing with the traffic jam, and feeling tired. "Can I sleep awhile?"; "Yes..". Once I close my eye, suddenly my hand is pointing to the sign board "Buddhist Village". Yes, we reached the destination. Buddhist village is a nice place to visit, nice view. When I tried to take a picture, I nearly fell into small pool. Hopefully, I not fall down into small pool, just get some injured. Else my toy will spoil as well >.<. Continue snapping photo here and there. I feel enjoyable to be photographer.

The time is getting nearly, I need to leave here soon. Thanks Sweetie for spending you "quality time" with me. Now, I understand the different between the "quality time" vs "quantity time". and "quality time", it meant so much on me. While waiting to board my flight, suddenly I think that today is a meaningful day!! 1.3.14 (一生一世) Friendship . Thanks for giving me a gift like you.. :) Thanks for taking good care on me during the trip.

Keep keep your heart,
Face it with tough, 
Walk walk with heart, 
Live life with love :)
Thanks for your poem :) 

- Thanks for liking my photo, 31 likes -

- Result of Subway Contest -

3-3-2014 (Monday) - Like to take food photo. This is the last times, I eat Subway in year 2012. By taking the photo and submit to the Subway contest. Finally, I'm one of the winners of a SUBWAY Coupon Booklet 2014...^.^

- VMY 2014 -

- Waterfront - 

- Sarawak River Cruise -

- Dinner -

27-2-2014 (Friday) - My Bangkok trip plan spoil already, but my travel plan still on. Everything is settled. Flight to Bangkok booked, hotel booked, but at the end we can't go there due to Bangkok protests. Finally, I bought my ticket flight back to Kuching, my second home. During the trip, I stayed in Tune hotel, Kuching (3 days 2 nights). Nice to stay in Kuching town as I able to walk along the waterfront, taking photo with my toy, DSLR.

Kuching, which is a place, I stayed here almost 7 years, study my bachelor and master here. I feel great to meet a good supervisor, co-supervisor, and others lecturer. Early in the morning, I planned to go back to UNIMAS. "Can I meet you later?"; "Yes. Where are you?"; "Me in Unimas"; "Seriously?";"Yes"; Are you miss Kuching, or Unimas?"...Everyone is get shocked when I went back..Chatting with my big boss by sharing my working experiences and get some advices from him. "You need job?"; "Yes"; "Just let me when you need job"..I feel thankful as they treat me so nice.

To be continue...

- First times,  I went to VIVA hall by using the rapid KL -

- Finally, we reach out destination -

- 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo Ticket, RM 25 -

- 100 Doraemon - 

- Please bring me go along with you - 
- I wish to recall the every happy moment with you -

- Anyway, we still need to separate at the end -
其实离别 不是最伤心的 
伤心的是 离别后 回想起你我的回忆
..Miss U Always..

- Yeah, I got a wallet -

- Cute -

- Doremon - Yume Wo Kanaete -

2-3-2014 (Sunday) - Again, with heart, distance is nothing. One from Johor, one from Tampin, another one just came back from Sarawak. We planned to meet each others in KL and we went to visit 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo 2014 together at VIVA shopping mall. Someone just finished her "VIVA" exam, and now we go for "VIVA" again. Before the day, we overnight at Downtown, Tune hotel. I really hard to imagine, three of us sleep in a queen bed size. The difference between Tune hotel in DownTown and Waterfront, Kuching is the room is smaller, toilet is smaller, and more expensive. A very noisy night, the noisy from motorbike, but I still able to sleep like pig.  

The next morning, we checked out and we went to the VIVA shopping mall. For me, this is the first times I used rapid KL. Friends, thanks for accompanying me along the trip. Once we reached our destination, we saw the place is crowded with people. Today activity, eat Korean food (lunch) -> Visit Doraemon -> Tea time -> Back to Home town. After that, I took KLIA transit back to Putrajaya central. A very very short trip with my ex-house mate.

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