Interview In Singapore

After I resigned my first job. I applied Singapore's job. I feel very happily when I received the call from Singapore - call for interview. After few days, I flight there. These few days, I stayed in my friend house. The first day, early morning, I went for interview. When I reached the office, the office not yet open. Once I saw the office, it give me a bad impression. (Please Google the place first, before you go. Don't just read the company profile.) Never mind, we can't decided anythings just by looking the cover. When the office opened at 10am. Once I entered the company, I saw 90% of workers have Tattoo, wearing the short skirt as well as fashion hair (dye color hair). After 10 minutes, all the workers went out for smoking. That times, I feel curious whether this is IT company or "Black" company. Boss: "Please come in." During interview, the boss not looking my cert at all. (Why I study Master? Why I need to attend many Professional course in order to get the cert?). Anyway, he just gave me an offer $1600 to $2400. He told me this is foreigner worker (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia) salary list. You can immediately start work if you accept. Overall, it just took me 3 minutes for interviewed. At the end, I not accept the offer. 

Life In Singapore

Taking the bus/MRT going back to home. I saw the old folks rush for bus. Some of the old folks are caring a lot of stuff. In Singapore, most of them used MRT/Bus. Hence, I feel great to stay in Malaysia. We have our own car, we can go here and there. But, why nowadays teenagers like to go Singapore (Malaysia economics is really bad! When overall market is green, only Malaysia is red. When others are red, Malaysia still maintain as red. Thus, Malaysia economics become worse and more.) Singapore's currency is high. When your friend work one months in Singapore, you need to work two and half months in Malaysia. If your salary is low, maybe you need to work three to four months. After I stayed with my friend, I start to feel demotivated as every day I heard "boring" from them. Everyday, 5.30 am wake up and 8.00 pm came back from work. Some of them working 7 days. "Why you want to walk back instead of taking MRT which is more faster and save times?". I don't want to take MRT because I no need to go back home early. If I go back home, I also nothings to do. What is the purpose of life. They don't know how long to stay in Singapore. No choice, they still have to stay there because of earning of "fast money".

Mei Li - Dawen Wang (美麗 - 王大文) 

美麗 美麗
別的話 不準確

美麗 美麗
相信我 的直覺

看太陽沉沒 升起
呼吸妳呼吸 憧憬妳憧憬
我只能愛妳 就算一無所有

永遠都不說 分離
感覺到完整 當我的生命

美麗 美麗
一輩子 有多久

Repeat *

永遠都不說 分離
當我的生命 有美麗的妳

全世界因為 妳一個回應

P/S: The first times I heard this song through Astro 新秀大赛. Feel lovely when hearing the music.

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