5-5-2013 (Sunday) - Again, today is election day. All person is busy go to vote. Suddenly, my family was waiting for me to go for lunch. Suddenly a call from my company..URGENT!!!! Please solve it. My first times support (29/4-5/5). That week, every night also nightmare for me. Everyday, after working hours, going back to home and start to open the PC for standby. "Tik" "Tok" "Tik" "Tok", the times is nearly close to 12 am, off my computer, ready for bed. Suddenly a call (1 am) came again. From that times on wards, once I hearing my phone is rang, I no dare to receive any call even though  my family calling me..@@
The 1st worst case: provide wrong information!!!! How can I help you to solve if you also provide the wrong  information to me!!!! The 2nd worst case: How to solve? Answer: Go to debug code. "Debugging"...When must to be completed --> Urgent!!!Today shipment !!!!..Work without life.

-- Election, Flag Decoration --

-- Election Day, 505 --

-- Google Page, 505 --

-- Song with Spirit --

5-5-2013 (Sunday) - Today is 13th Malaysia Election Day. First times, I went to vote (Voting times: 8am - 5pm) . Early morning, I went to the primary school with my youngest brother. My first times voting experience: saw a lot of "Pak Cik" and "Mak Cik" with long queue. Should I need to wait such long queue as well? After, I went to the "Semakan" counter and get the number (Tempat Mengundi No.). Just realize that queuing arrangement is based on aged. There is no much voters like our age. Within 5 minutes, I did my part for our future, our country. Ready to receive a new changes. After 5pm, all of us are very "Geng Jiong" and 7pm, start to stay in front of TV. At first, we happy with the results. Until 11pm the results is started to change, and my FaceBook pages is also start to change BLACK - "RIP". My heart start uncomfortable, and feel very disappointed. 

-- New External 1 TB --

--Finally, successful partition the Drive --

11-5-2013 (Saturday) - First times, open the external hard disk to use. I never open it yet since you bought for me last year. Yes, finally need to do data housekeeping..Happy to create the partition for the drive successfully.. :)  - How to create a new hard drive partition using Windows 7.

-- Iphone 5 --

-- Power Bank -- 

-- New cloth for my Iphone -- 

29-4-2013(Sunday) - Finally, I used the RM 200 rebate to buy the new toy (Iphone 5 - Black Color)..Thank you  for giving me the Power Bank and Cover..let me recharge my Iphone "gao gao" and "daban leng leng"..Without you, I'm lack of energy...Without you, I can't "Whatapps" all the times....^.^

月亮代表我的心 - Piano Version

夜深了,只想对你说声:“晚安”...望着窗外的月亮...那月亮就代表我的心...我的心时时刻刻都会跟随着你。。。 :)

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