18-1-2012 (Thursday) - What is 5S ? 5S is the name of a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. While in English 5S refer to Sorting, Straightening or Setting in Order, Sweeping or Shine, Standardizing, Sustaining the Practice. All the word, start with "S". But, I can't see the word start with "E" - Empty. "Please "Empty" the table...Don't put the phone on the table..Don't put the bag on the floor..Suddenly, my mind get a picture out of my mind as below.

Question: Where can I put my bag? 
Answer: You can put your bag inside the drawer.
Question: But, the drawer is small. How to put my bag inside it?
Answer: The rules is stated like that, we just follow the rules which are given.
Question: Then, how? Got any solution?
Answer: Buy a small bag which can fix into the drawer.
(Such a "REASONABLE" solution you gave......................=.=)


12-1-2013 (星期六) - 这时我的Status 是" When the times comes, we'll know what to do..Worry so much is not the right times now.."真的不想再想了,想越多就越多的顾虑。可是,那些顾虑真的不可以忽略。等待吧。。等待对的时间再去想。。在工作上我学会了很多“Theory”,如:你做的越快给你做的东西越多"。。以前在大学的我,喜欢做得快,教师就会给你更多的东西做。。好高兴,因为可以学习到很多东西。。这时我的同事告诉我这个“Theory”。。就说用普通“Speed” 好了。。看看左边的Coding。。"Dim m as Long, Dim r as Long..etc..看了整天,都不知道什么是"m", "r"...还有,btn1, btn2, btn3, btn4, btn5..神啊,救救我吧..10k (Coding)..我决对不会让我接下来的Programmer 和我一样, 怎么痛苦。。>.< 。。

1-1-2013 (星期二) : 三,二,一...新年快乐2013..counting down in house...I waiting, waiting, waiting your messages is came..12.00a.m -Message received..Finally, my waiting is worth it. That night, suddenly, I get touch after chatting with you. My eyes start to wet when I thought back my memory. Thanks for being a part my life. I just realize that it would have been tough going through my life without a friend like you. Thanks for staying friends with me after such a long distance. You are a friend I will always treasure. 
After crying feel better, but also feel tired. Oh no..I still got work on 1/1 (Public holiday), some more, I have to present my system, and wait them to buy off it. Yeah, so far so good the presentation - is a good start in 2013. Anyway, thanks for the wishes from Lumbok (my beloved supervisor) and my dearest friends.

回顾 2012
三月: KESUMAS 2012 (Badminton Competition)...四月: Sematan, Bau Trip...五月: Sarawak Trip (Teacher visit)...六月: MALINDO Conference...七月: 1) Sabah/Taiwan Trip 2) Rain Forest Festival...八月: Satang Island...十二月: Pulau Langkawi Trip...
Every month also full with activity - full of trip. Totally satisfied with my Master life :)...Besides trip, feel like no any achievement in this year. But, gain many experience from many different kind of incident (lost wallet...etc.). Anyway, just forgot the pass 2012, but I will never forget the memory with you. Thanks for everything you did for me :) 

P/s: 改变就是好的开始...好的开始要坚持下去..365 天加油..!!!! 

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