Kejohanan Sukan Mahasiswa Unimas (KESUMAS)
17-24 March 2012
-- Stadium Unimas --

-- Ending Ceremony KESUMAS --

Badminton Competition [24.3.2012]
First round - vs FSKPM Second round - vs FEB Third round - vs FK
Semi-Final - FIT vs FSGK
Final - FIT vs FSTS
-- Komplek Sukan, Badminton Court --

--Ready for the Semi-final --

KESUMAS 2011/2012

Me and Sweetie (Badminton Doubles)

--Our Unforgettable Memory--

P/S: Thanks for being my partner. First times, we pair together for badminton doubles. Thanks for giving me strength and advice along the games. Without you, my mission uncompleted. Anyway, cheers for our success. :)

P/S :
[1] Every times, you feel to get sick, don't worry as Vitamin always be there for you... ^.^ Vitamin will make you stronger, vitamin will take care until your sickness is gone. Can I be vitamin supplier?
[2] When you feel like giving up; Just remember why you held on for so long to begin with ..
Just like our friendship will not end as we take a long times to build....


Nokia 200 Dual Sim with 4GB memory

P/S: My new hand phone Nokia 200 with Dual Sim Card (DIGI and MAXIS). How about Tri Sim Card for next times? It is available? I can test the coverage of network - DIGI, MAXIS and CELCOM and other network :) Like my current hand phone, although no more touchscreen, 3G, camera (2 mega pixel) only, but the quality of picture is good enough, compared to my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic last times. Very convenient if you have two Sim Card (no need bring 2 hand need charge twice)..Like the SMS so much as it display in threaded view, just like conversations. A simple mobile phone, but it look like a smart phone (blackberry).. :)

..My recycle bag..

10-3-2012 ( Saturday ) - My wallet suddenly fly away at popular at Tun Jugah. Suddenly, a girl came towards me (try to near you) - Why you no say sorry? Feel weird, should I say sorry to her as I not did anythings wrong. After that, me and my friend move far a bit as I already feel uncomfortable. Second times came towards me (another girl), can you help me to find book?...Sorry, I don't know the book. I just point out the shelf there. Third times, can you bring me go to find? Once, I found the book, I also found that my wallet is lost, but that times I not realized that my recycle bag is being cut. Finally, I confirmed that my wallet is stolen. After that, we did report at police station, pandungan there. At the same times, I called to bank service for asking block my account. The officer told me - you account is being blocked as pin is wrong after three times. This means that, the thief (a group of girl, 5-6 person) stole my wallet and direct go to bank and take money using my ATM card. The whole night so down and I can't sleep too. There are many things have to do after this - redo IC, driving license, and ATM card. Thanks for senior helping me, brought me here and there. When I redo my IC, the officer need my "surat tawaran" then, only got discount for student, but the police told me just bring this report. What to do? After that, we went to JPJ, showing my report to them. In the times, the officer told me, you need to pay RM 20 for redo the driving license as the police not writing the keyword "dirompak", we can't process it.. Should I told to the police next times? when I did report. You must write the "keyword" there, else I can't claim back. Oh no, the communication between the government, really hard to describe. As for ATM card, nowadays, once you lost ATM card, you hard to get back the ATM card. No more ATM card, ATM card -> Debit Card..Oh no..charge annual fees again..RM 12-RM20>.< At the end, I able to settle every things (it almost take my two week times - go here and there). Every one is learn a lesson - not being good person, no recycle bag anymore ( as the bag is cut when I not realized, without any sound - the thief is very prof..)



并非每个人早上出门后都能确保自己晚上会安全到家 ,
带着多少遗憾离开这个世界吗 ?
你四肢健全 , 健健康康
就凭这个条件 ,

P/S: 听了这句結婚的告白和金句,大家都感动了。其实,大家是否了解“真正”的愛吗?

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