20-3-2011 (Sunday) - This is the first times, I joined the activity "Let Us Help Japan With Love" in the Shopping Center, Spring. I feel very happy, thanks for Sweetie accompanying me although I feel extremely tired standing there from 1.30pm -6.30pm (5 hours). After finish activity, having a short shopping (buy clothes) with her ^^. Then, go to eat together..Haha :) To me, it totally first experience, holding the donation box standing there 5 hours to ask people donate money. I wondering how come I will do like that..haha :) Yeah, is times to learn how to speak, how to ask..else my donation box will be empty. During the activity, a guy come towards me and ask "Do you know how to sing Japan song? I directly say NO..After that, he sing Japan song..really very funny leh..hahahaha..Besides that, I feel very happy, seeing the people there so generous, they willing to donate :) But, some of people also refuse to donate..or anothers ..once they heard is "Tzu Chi Buddist", they will automatically donate..since Tzu Chi Buddist really help a lot of people. .Haha :) Finally, I feel so happy when my donation box is almost full. This is because Sunday, sure many people go for shopping..between, I also meet few lecturers there too..haha :) Anyway, really hope this donation can help the victims in Japan.

After presentation, Boss was surrounded by the reporters..

SaLT member (Chai Yeen, Vyonne, Beatrice, Me, Sook Kuan, Pancreas)..

Takes photo with Boss..

Lunch Times in Mango Tree with SaLT members (Boss belanja)..

22-3-2011 (Tuesday) - Having presentation in Sarawak Development Institute (SDI). This is the first times, I present in front of many people (until no seat for the audience + many reporters there from the STAR, Borneo Post and others..)..I feel nervous because first times presenting in front of many people. Yeah, Boss say just try you best..I just tell myself "Jangan memalukan Uni" and try my best to present.. Ops..my turn to present. My presentation topic is Named-Entity Recognition for Iban Language. When I present the first slides, I feel a bit nervous. But, I become more and more confident after I presented few slides. Is try to share the concept and idea to others just like I teaching tutorial. So far, the audience are nice and they also willing to give response. Finally, I feel proud with my boss and I also feel proud myself can be one of the member of SaLT.

SaLT is Sarawak Language Technology Research Group in Unimas which is undertaking research and development in inforamtion and communication technology (ICT) to preserve and revitalize the state's indigenous languages.


..Harvard University's library..

This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this moment study, you will interpret dream.
I leave uncultivated today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which person of the body implored.
Thought is already is late, exactly is the earliest time.
Not matter of the today will drag tomorrow.
Time the study pain is temporary, has not learned the pain is life-long.
Studies this matter, lacks the time, but is lacks diligently.
Perhaps happiness does not arrange the position, but succeeds must arrange the position.
The study certainly is not the life complete. But, since continually life part of - studies also are unable to conquer, what but also can make?
Please enjoy the pain which is unable to avoid.  
Only has compared to the others early, diligently, can feel the successful taste.
Nobody can casually succeed; it comes from the thorough self-control and the will.
The time is passing.
Now drips the saliva, will become tomorrow the tear.
The dog equally study, the gentleman equally plays.
Today does not walk, will have to run tomorrow.
The investment future person will be, will be loyal to the reality person.
The education level represents the income.
One day, has not been able again to come.
Even if the present, the match does not stop changes the page.
Has not been difficult, then does not have attains.

~~ Love Story in Harvard (Korea Drama) ~~


Open your eyes y'all

This is a wake up call !

For those ignorant people of the world

打開報紙 又是一堆殺人放火
Another tragedy headlining the news today
又是吵架 面紅耳赤你爭我奪
People fighting each other to get ahead
又是政客 在胡言亂語show off (Diam lah!)
People playing politics to misleading the people (Shut up!)
又是明星 在絞盡腦汁炒作 (Oh please loh!)
Celebrities making up gossips for fame (Oh come on!)
每個人 都想展現自己與眾不同
Everyone thinking they deserve to be special
誘惑太多 榮華富貴怎樣 都不夠
Lustful thoughts out to get you at every turn
來繼續墮落 快來繼續賣弄
Keep showing off your material wealth
你還有什麼 你還想證明什麼
So what else do you wanna prove here?

你說你 能征服所有一切 當你擁有一切
You keep asking for more in life
But do not know when to stop
你說你 能面對所有困難 所有的困難
You said you can face all the hardship
Easy come easy go
你說人定勝天 水來土淹
You think mankind can overcome nature
如果天 塌下來你會把它當棉被
No trouble is too much trouble
哈哈 有一天 可能就在今夜
But when the boogeyman comes knocking
山崩地裂 你也只能躲在棉被
Times up and there will be nowhere else to hide

We're nothing at all We've got nothing at all

我們一無是處 我們一無所有
When you're trying hard
to be king of the world
但我們卻貪得無厭 自以為是
We're nothing at all We've got nothing at all
我們一無是處 我們一無所有
Can't you see
that we're only hurting this world?

劫 是逃不過的劫 是老天在發洩
Our path leading to a dead end we cannot escape
Our destiny written long before we set foot on earth
埋怨人類做的一切 是時候做個了結
Karma awaits and time to face the music
它一步一步 來摧毀一處一處
One by one we suffer the same fate
你只能痛哭 只能痛苦
You can only cry out loud
只能對著屍體 來表現你的無助
Staring at the lifeless body of your love ones
你的車 你的名牌 你的錢 你的房子
All your materialistic belongings
Turning into waste when disaster come claiming

流著淚 望著天 等著判決
We wait for our sentence on judgment day
排著隊 等著灰飛煙滅
The door at hell's gate soon opens
世界末日會在明天? 還是明天後的明天?
Will the world finally ends tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?
閉上眼 睜開眼 剎那之間
In the blink of an eye
一瞬間 變成了 一萬年
The clock could turn back a million years
廢墟中找尋不到 記憶裡幸福的家園
Happiness no longer exist in what we used to call home

We're nothing at all We've got nothing at all

我們一無是處 我們一無所有
When you're trying hard
to be king of the world
但我們卻貪得無厭 自以為是
We're nothing at all We've got nothing at all
我們一無是處 我們一無所有
Can't you see
that we're only hurting this world?

Can I catch my breath Before I say 'i love you'

在說愛你之前 我能不能夠吸一口氣?
Can we kiss again under the poison rainfall?
不如在"毒雨"下 來個浪漫的擁吻?
Can I hold you tight Until tomorrow?

睡覺的時候 讓我一直抱著你到明天?
Or tomorrow ...There'll never be tomorrow ...
但是明天... 或許已經沒有明天了...

看見災難很驚世 它有什麼樣的警示
So what have we learned from the misfortunes of others
還是 你只是看看電視 不關你的事
Or it's good entertainment cos it's not in your backyard
繼續放肆 繼續無恥 做你以為對的事
So continue living your own irresponsible and ignorant life
犯了一生的罪 沾了一身的穢 然後再濫用宗教信仰脫罪
Feed your guilty conscience by abusing your god's forgiveness
天蓋之下 地載之上 一群無知的人類
Between heaven and earth lies a lost species
以為出類拔萃 都在自我陶醉
Thinking that this can last forever but they're wrong

We're nothing at all We've got nothing at all

我們一無是處 我們一無所有
When you're trying hard
to be king of the world
但我們卻貪得無厭 自以為是
We're nothing at all We've got nothing at all
我們一無是處 我們一無所有
Can't you see
that we're only hurting this world?

Steamboat "Tom Yam"

Finally, we settle the vegetable (take from Tzu Chi)

Your beloved food " CILI"

15-3-2011(Tuesday) - Today dinner is steamboat. First times, I eat steamboat with seniors. First times, having steamboat at FIT (outside SALT Lab). Really nice...Enjoy enjoy..haah  ^^

Going-Green Charity Sale on Sunday ( 13/3/2011) 8am-1pm

"Tzu Qi" in charge selling drink

“愿望” 树-"Hope" Tree. Wish whatever you want to wish. May your wish become true.

"Tzu Qi"..^^

What I should write? Too many things..><
This whole weeks is busy with applying the fundamental research grant scheme (FRGS) for my master project. Modify here and there until now still modifying as the document have to go to many level (supervisor, faculty, university, and finally high education level..). Killing so many trees as printing and printing again. Haiz.. Finally, really hope get the grants, so that my master project will be go smoothly.

Today, is the tutorial 4 for SAD. Feel happy when a student telling me, she very understanding what I teach during the class, give a clap to me. They start paying attention during the tutorial class. Tutor should have communicate often with the students, so that there is no gap between us.

I feel very happy because finally, I can date with sweetie for lunch after long long times ago. Thanks for "cia" me eat. Feel lovely when together with you. Hope we can have outing when free again. ^^

Today, I should meet my supervisor for master progress meeting. Oh no, because lack of sleep, so the meeting is cancel. Until now, I still haven updated my master progress to him almost 2 months. A bit worry now, but as long as I know what I have doing now is alright. Besides that, I been assigned to mark the midterm paper. While I marking the paper. Should I feel sad or happy? Feel happy is because the student can answer it. Feel sad is because the student don't want to try to answer. But, both students also in same class. Is my problem? Or other problems? Anyway, I have to find the solution as soon as possible.

After the meeting, still need to modify the FRGS form but this times is better, just minor changes only (after modifying 4-5 times). Today, I so happy as I can play badminton with sweetie and others at 7 mile badminton court there. So long, not do exercise after my leg get injured last times. This times, I can play again mean that my leg recover. After play 2 hours not stop (7.30 pm- 9.30pm), feel tired and come out sweat..NICE..After finish playing, we go "lao haung jia" eat dinner.
Half day in lab, half day went out..haha :) Enjoy enjoy..Where is our next station..? Beach Carnival in April?

Early 4.30am go to Kuching for the Going Green Charity Sale. Helping them carrying all the things. So tired, no times to eat and rest. Hopefully, got sweetie dabao food for me. Standing whole day at the drink stall there, keep asking"Do you want to buy fresh soya ? This one is Rm 10.00..This one is Rm 3.00" Suddenly, become a sale girl. Finally, we manage to sell all. No bad, got experience in marketing. ^^

22 Feb 2011 Christchurch, New Zealand - Earthquake

Houses are swept by water following a tsunami and earthquake in Natori City in northeastern Japan March 11, 2011. A massive 8.9 magnitude quake hit northeast Japan on Friday, causing many injuries, fires and a ten-metre (33-ft) tsunami along parts of the country's coastline

Will the world will gone soon?
22 Feb 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand - Earthquake
11 Mac 2011, Japan - Tsunami + Earthquake
What will happen the next?
It really hard to estimate,
hard to expect the unexpected.
There are many places are destroyed after Tsunami + Earthquake.
May the city will become rubbish city.
No more places to travel again. ><
Beautiful view in Yokoso Japan.

Finally, Let us pray for them...


Let us pray for peace in our land
keep our hearts from sorrows and pain
bless us all with joy and hope
love and care for each one in the world...

"GOOGLE" sweet from my boss ^^

Touching - Part 2 as I say I received my mum message. Once she saw my letter she very very happy. Today, mum called me again and ask me about the letter again. Oh no. How can I answer them? They all not believe me, I wrote the letter. My brother say how come your hand writing so nice. Actually, my hand writing quite nice, but they always say my hand writing are ugly. Another important person, my father until now still not believe me, he say the words in letter is so touch and romantic. Why I wrote such words for them. Haha :) The letter start with "Dear beloved parents"....Someone told me before "you really sweet mouth, if you are a guy, sure I will fall in love with you.." I just thinking when I learn this kind of things...Haha :)

You Are The Love Of My Life
I knew it right from the start
The moment I looked at you
You found a place in my heart

You Are The Love Of My Life
You give me reason to live
You taught me how to be strong
With you is where I belong

No one's ever touched me
Quite the way you touched me
People search a life time
To find what we have

You Are The Love Of My Life
One thing that's good in this life
I'll spend the rest of my days
Just loving you

You Are The Love Of My Life
The heart and sould of my life
Once I was lost and alone
With you at last I am home

You Are The Love Of My Life
You give me reason to live
You give me so much of you
And leave me room to be free

No one's ever touched me
Quite the way you touched me
People search a life time
To find what we have

You Are The Love Of My Life
One thing that's good in this life
And in a world full of change
One thing I'm sure of

You Are The Love Of My Life
The one thing that makes sense in this world
I'll spend the rest of my days
Just loving you...

You Are The Love Of My Life
And I thank GOD I'm alive
To spend my lifetime with you
You Are The Love Of My Life

Can we make it happen?
Can we make it happen tomorrow?
Can we make it happen another tomorrow?
I just sit down and think, 
how many tomorrow we need, 
then only it happen.
Never mind, I waiting for you 
until the end
I believe what is .
I believe we got .
No matter how worse it is,
I believe we can meet one day.

Yesterday, I just received my mum message.

Mum message:
Received your letter on today I am very happy +++ .

First times, I write so touch letter to my mum during my Tzu Chi camp.
Actually, I forget what I write inside the letter.
But, I remember I promise something with them.
Suddenly, my emotional feeling come in.
I feel that I not doing the good job now as
I not really fulfill their requirement.

Meaningful lyrics and nice song - What are words?

If I'm in the situation, then how good am I;
but, I prefer to give someone in this kind of situation

Anywhere you are, I am near

Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see
How every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words

If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

And I know an angel was sent just for me

And I know I'm meant to be where I am
And I'm gonna be
Standing right beside her tonight
And I'm gonna be by your side
I would never leave when she needs me most

I'm forever keeping my angel close

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