~~ Last Pangaea Activity at 20-11-2010 ~~

~~ With trainer from Japan - Yumi (left), Toshi (right) ~~

20-11-2010(Saturday)-The last Pangaea Activity. Before that, actually what is Pangaea activity? Pangaea activity is an activity to give the chance to the student to communicate with other country such as Japan, Korea and etc. As for me, I went attend the training program at Feb and trained as a facilitator in this activity. As a facilitator, I have to start to learn how to communicate with them as well as how to guide and teach them. Needless to say, it build my patient to teach the small "cute" child and I totally enjoy and fun with them. The last day for Pangaea activity is communicate with the Korea people in Seol by using the webcam. At first, the Korean is introduce their names by using the Malay language and Malaysian is introduce their names by using the Korea language. hehe:p I also learn a bit Korea language at this times. Hello, nama saya Yong Soo Fong. In korea language, annyonhaseyo neirumum Yong Soo Fong eyo..haha:p..After finish introducing with each others, we start another games called guess + hint . Given a question, then guess what is the things? Giving the hint 1,2,3,4,5. The faster group who answer the question accurately, then the group is the winner. Finally, I feel happy, although I feel tired (having activity from 9am-5pm, my half day already).

Learn some basic korea language:
Thank you -> komawayo
Hello -> annyonhaseyo
My name -> neirumum
Yes -> Un
No -> Ani

~~ Annyonhaseyo neirumum Soo Fong eyo ~~
My korean writting...^^

If you interest with Pangaea Activity,
Click the link http://www.pangaean.org/ (Pangaea's Page)


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