-- Miracles happen if we keep believing --

31-12-2013 (Tuesday) - Today is the last day of 2013. Today, boss gave me a letter about the bonus and increment 2013 (1 month bonus + 3-4% increment of my salary). Got 1 month bonus with 3-4% increment is better than nothings. I still remember after my probation period, my increment is just Rm 18. Now, I understand Rm 18 is a "big" amount better than nothings. I should appreciate it. I still remember the trainer told us -"Without bonus or increment mean you totally don't have any performance through out the year". Anyway, be patient, never give up, keep believing, be positive, just in the future, have faith in year 2014.


Gopeng Day Trip 

..Wall picture at Gopeng (1)..

..Wall picture at Gopeng (2)..

..Wall picture at Gopeng (3)..

..Wall picture at Gopeng (4)..

Gopeng Map

..Muzium Gopeng..

..Hup Tuck Soy Sauce Factory..

..Me and Sweetie..

30-12-2013 (Monday) - Last week of Year 2013. 
Today is working day, but not like working day as jamming  around Ipoh.
Hopefully, today my plan is to explore new place - Gopeng (within 25 minutesfrom Ipoh).
Walk 1 step..there is wall picture..Walk 2-10 step..another wall picture..
Yeah, easy to find.

We just walk around the roundabout  - Gopeng Map.
Next visit Muzium Gopeng - "No Tin, No Gopeng".
Person who like "古董" sure they will miss this place.

Next destination: Hup Tuck Soy Sauce Factory -> searching GPS --> around 30 minutes will arrive (in my mind, it should not take too long to reach there). Fortunately, I meet a shop owner and asking for the direction. First times, i meet a kind person. "Please follow my car, I will bring you there"..^.^ Turn left, turn right, within 5 minutes, we reach the soy sauce factory. 

Another friendly person we meet, the owner of the soy sauce factory. He explained to us the process of making the "kicap", "kicap pekat" and so on. The more explanation, the more we buy. At the end, we happily shopping in this factory.

"Di Ta, Di Ta, Di Ta...
the time has passed so fast, 
it times she need to leave me.. T.T

And, she left me an angel.
May there always be an angel by your side..

An Angel will guard you in all your ways.
On their hands they will bear you up.
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Because of you, I start my angel collection.

-- 十二月 CALENDAR --
有空时,DESIGN 一下,感觉好搞笑。。哈哈 :)



...终于,有的吃了...冬至快乐 :)


Difference between Degree and Master

30-11-2013 (Saturday) - While cleaning my room. Suddenly, I found my degree's thesis. And I found that had a big difference between Degree and Master. The thickness of thesis is double degree. How about PhD? PhD will be triple then..I can't imagine I going to write "triple" thickness, if i study PhD. Finally, I able to write so many pages for my Master thesis. Really feel awesome after writing!!!

14-11-2013 (Thursday) - If I can choose, I hope I don't know anythings about you. When the moment I asking you about the question. I hope your reply is "NO". I hope all things is not real as I read/saw. Finally, your reply to me is just a word "SORRY". Suddenly, my heart just like a bottle glass broken. You say "SORRY" to me. You told me you are not the correct person for me to admire, to care and to love. I admire you because of your personality, appearance, and work ethic. And, you always is my good listener and you give good advice to me. I always listen to you and now I be stronger. Finally, you say you don't want to be cruel and hurt everyone. And, let the sad memory pass, and stay the good memory. Ah...Ah...Ah..!!!
Anyway, I still care you (the previous's you). Take care!

Master Convocation 2013

 -- Finally, I get "U" in my hand --

-- Me with my parents --

-- Family photo --

-- With my beloved, supervisor.. Dr. Alvin Yeo Wee (Big boss) --

-- With my beloved, co-supervisor..Bali (Small boss) --

-- With my Sweetie --
-- Sweetie, I really hope this moment can last forever in my life --

-- Thanks all, I like the gift so much --

-- Entering the hall --

-- Its my turn, Yeah --

9-11-2013 (Saturday) - Times flies, I can't imagine I worked 1 year and end my contract. Now, I had 1 year working experience and Master Degree's cert. Today is my Master Convocation. This is the second times, I attend convocation in my life. Can I attend convocation again after few year? Yeah, next year is my youngest brother turn (convocation in MMU).

Thanks again to my supervisor and co-supervisor. Thanks for supervisor nominated me for the Vice-Chancellor Zamalah Research Award. I feel myself lucky. Finally, I get the award and completed my master. Thank you for the guidance you gave me during 4 years (Degree-my final year project and Master). Besides that, I feel myself very lucky as my co-supervisor is transferred from MMU to UNIMAS. She just like my "贵人", helped me along the way. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge and experiences to me. 

Thanks to my family, who spent their times to attend my convocation. So long, we do not travelling together. This is the good chance for me to bring them walk around Kuching (Cultural village, Serikin, Bau and etc...). Anyway, I love my Uni, love Kuching. It really had a lot of changes since I study Degree.

Thanks to my friends, seniors and juniors. Thanks a lot your gift. First times, I received so many gift and I feel great. Haha :) On the other hand, I feel sorry that I can't date all of your in the short times. I hope I can meet your guys again if your guys still available for me. Everyone can fly, sure I will fly back to find your guys again. 

Are you regret? 
I never regret I told my Master's degree. Having my Master's degree will give me more opportunities in the education field -earn more money. (Seriously, I can tell you, this is not the subject I want to study since I was small. This is not my dream job as well). But, when the times pass, everything is change, I want to change myself too. Having Master's degree & Phd holder - What use? No different with Bachelor holder. Based on my ability, maybe you may feel that no different with Master's degree and Bachelor. Some more Bachelor holder working better than Master's degree holder. But, from times to times, I hope I able to show you.

-- My faculty, FIT --

Canon EOS - 700D

Lens - Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8

..This is how it look like..Cool??

2-11-2013 (Saturday) - What lens? Zoom near; zoom far. What model? Canon, Nikon, Sony? How is the price? 2k to 4k. After doing the survey, finally I bought my third new toy - DSLR. (A reward for myself for my convocation)..^.^

No matter where you are, no matter how far you are, 
you still received my best wishes.
Hope you like it. ^.^

Mid-Autumn Decoration In Straits Quay (Penang)

-15/9/2013 (Sunday) - One day trip in Penang. Destination: Chew Jetty, Ghee Hiang Biscuit, Burmese Buddhist Temple, Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Buddhist Temple, Charlie Brown Cafe@Straits Cafe. Although just a short trip, I feel great as I can bring happiness to my mother. She enjoyed it very much.


-18/9/2013 (Wednesday) - Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. Without candle, without lantern, I feeling bored when I stayed in home. Suddenly, I recall my childhood memories and I feel great - lighted candle around the house (Thanks God, I still got childhood). At the same times, I looking at the moon, just like you looking at me. No matter how far you are, we still can see others and you always be there for me. Can you take the "Moon" for me? Here is the "Moon" for you. Although I can't hugs it and hold it. But, I can feel it. ^.^

大手掌 vs 小手掌

Seiko Watch - My second new toys 
Finally, I brought it..Looking forward my third toys..

Third Day (Taman Ayun Temple*, Ulun Danu Temple*, Strawberry Farm, Tanah Lot*)
* - need entrance fee
Taman Ayun Temple 

Babi Guling
-Finally, we can eat the delicious food 

Ulun Danu Temple (1)

Ulun Danu Temple (2)

Last Place Visiting - Tanah Lot


-This place where I feel the most like - especially the Sunset and enjoying take photo.
-So called "缘分", and the world is so small just like BALI is beside my house..ha :) I able to meet my senior in here...

-Warung Sunset - The best food in this trip, which we find ourselves. 
-Eating pork leg, pork ribs, pork satay, avocado juice, and avocado ice-cream..less than RM 100

P/S: First times, I go to travel with my siblings (two brothers). Finally, the trip is going smooth. To organize a trip is not easy as we think. There are many task have to do such as buying flight ticket (waiting the 0 fare Airasia, booking hotel (through online - find the most discount hotel plus many star), booking driver (I able to book good driver, but at the end the driver is not free! Other driver is replace - have to more consider for next trips), prepare itinerary for the trips and others. Looking forward for my next year trip, Cambodia!!!! 

 Second day (Barong Dance*, Batik, Silver, Coffee Break, Kintamani*, Tampak Siring Temple*, Rice Terrace Bali*) 
* - need entrance fee

-Barong Dance - the famous dance in BALI
-Price: Rupiah 100, 000 per person

-Coffee break - Taste the cat coffee 
-Price: Rupiah 50,000 per cup + the smaller packing of cat coffee-Rupiah 125,000
-The difference between cat coffee and others coffee..(Normally, after I drank the coffee, I will feel my heart is pumping faster..but, after I drank the cat coffee, the feel is difference.)

-Kintamani is a famous place of interest in Bali with magnificent panorama of Batur Lake and active volcano..
-Having lunch - buffet style
-Price: Rph 100,000 per person..Haha :) the food no nice again.
-Tired sit on the car for 2 hours just because visit the Volcano... >.<

-Tampak Siring Temple - located at east of Ubud Bali..This temple is a historical site well known as holy spring water temple..
-"HOLY SPRING" vs "HOT SPRING" (Oh no, no wonder the driver say the hot spring is not here, another places.

Rice Terrace Bali

-Having dinner - with nice paddy field. 
-Eating the "FEEL" of environment or the taste of the "FOOD".
-Before that, we eat at the beach (Jimbaran Bay) and volcano (Kintamani).

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