28-12-2010 (Tuesday)-I feel very happy as I find Mr. Tan [Class teacher, form 6], Mr. Gordon [English tuition teacher], as well as 'Handsome' Mr. Chye [Guitar teacher] through facebook. Nowadays, everyone is facebooking and I also hard to imagine Mr. Tan and Mr. Gordon also play facebook, some more may be they have their facebook account more earlier than me. I very happy when chatting with them through facebook and msn. They all doing fine. I still remember last times Mr. Tan tell us 'Biarlah bersusah-susah dulu asalkan senang kemudian hari'. It mean that 'Biar sakit dulu [Form 6] senang kemudian [Degree]'. Degree is more easy? Maybe is true if form 6 compare with degree. The hardest exam in our life. Is thinking STPM/ DIPLOMA/ Foundation/ A-Levels. Which one is better? For me, which one is better is not important already as I finish my degree already ..^^
Besides that, I still remember my English teacher tell me before, your English level is average, maximum can get B in SPM only. That times, I not believe my ability until B level only. What should I do? I try to memorize 7 story/ article from Reader Digest. Finally, I get what I want, is unbelievable. This show that everything also may happen once you put effort on it. Jia you, my friend. We all got chance to achieve somethings as we want. Don't give up :)
As for the 'Handsome' Mr. Chye, I really admire him. Now, only I know he master in piano, keyboard, organ, guitar and etc..At first, I thought I know how to play piano then I can play other instruments such as violin, cello and etc easily. This is wrong. Told by Mr. Chye, learn music instrument is not a games but is education. Every music instrument have its hard. Thus, must serious learn and master it. Once you master it, you got high education, then you will have high salary $$$. What he say is totally true, but why I haven think before music can be my future career. I learn music instruments just for fun..^^
Here, share some song with you all, played by Mr. Chye..^^
River Flows In You [Piano]

你不知道的事[Guitar + Harmonica]


Classical Song [Guitar]

17-12-2010 (Friday) - the second last weeks of December and also end of year 2010. Times flies like "Rocket". During primary school, I feel that times hard to pass. Once in secondary school, I feel that times is normal. After that, when come to university life, I feel that times is moving a bit fast. But, this year, I totally feel that I sitting a "roller coaster". Can you imagine when you sitting a "roller coaster", your heart is up down up down. My heart is also up down up down (happiness and sadness) when I go through this year. When the roller coaster go down with the high speed just like my mood go down fast but also recover fast. I train myself 容忍 + 耐性= 忍 to 10 level. Actually, I haven try roller coaster before even though I go to Universal Studio, Disneyland, Genting and etc but I not so daring to try. Maybe I will try next times. I can't imagine next two weeks is new year 2011, my "Rabbit" year, finally 2 round already. Every year, people also hope that the next new year is better than previous year. But, before the new year coming, let me charge my battery full, my energy first before entering new year. Next week, I take few days leave to go to Sibu to celebrate "Tang Yuan" and "Christmas". Yahoh..Hope can forget everything and renew my brain. There are a lot of activity is waiting for me next year such as Chinese New Year, Tzu Chi camp, STAr project, Sabah trip and etc..Multitasking..Of course, I will not forget my main job, my master project. Eat with IT, sleep with IT, fun with IT as well as think with IT. I have to set timelines for my master project within 1 year. Possible? Of course possible, how you know? Haha :p Never try , never know. So, let me try then I know, then later tell you all..^^

~Our life just like roller coaster - up down up down inside a circle~





"每当我有心事或心烦时,你总是会出现在我的面前,听我苦,给我安慰,给我大力的支持。我感到很感激。谢谢您的关心,我会将尽我所能去达到我的梦想,过着快乐和幸福的生活 ” 。。希望明天会更好。


和你聊天时,感觉好,不但我的心情回来了,而且还获益不浅。从你的身上,学会了许多人生道理。例如,什么事都有两面甚至更多面, 看你看世界的角度是怎样的;因为什么事都有两面甚至更多面,所以做人也要有两面甚至更多面。 但那是对人的。自己本质也只是融合统一贯通的,所以多少面都好都要留一个正面的自己。

由于最近心清低落的我,只有保持沉默,忘了身边的朋友,甚至,还冷战了。你说得对,有时也要关心身边的朋友。好啦,我就先开口吧! 如果,没有反应就这样啦,我也不能做什么。过后,果然有反应了,再也没有冷战了。最后,我也明白了。但我还是觉得人是自私的。你可以这样做,为何我不可以这样做呢?再想,一点逻辑也没有。人是无情的。你说得也没错,即使你现在很关心你的朋友,但他们甚至没有把你放在他们眼里,所以为何还要屈向他们,那只会花费您宝贵的时间。




Never explain yourself to anyone. Because people do not like you, they will not believe it.

Do not let someone become a priority in your life when you are just an option in their life time. The relationship between people only when they are balanced, work best.

Wake up every morning, we have two simple choices, go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase the dream, the choice is yours.

We always make us care about our people cry, and the total for those who never care for our people cry, and we care for those who will never cry for us, and this is found in real life, strange but true.Once you know, change is not too late.

Do not commit itself in joy, not in sorrow to answer, do not make a decision in anger. Think twice, Act Wise.

Time is like water. You never touch the same water twice, as has been the passage of water will not come again and enjoy every moment of life!

When you keep saying you are very busy, will never be room, when you keep saying you have no time, will never get the time, when you keep saying do this tomorrow, your tomorrow will never come.






唉,最近的青少年,思想很复杂。为了爱情,去自杀。为何呢?爱情那么伟大吗?为何要牺牲你的生命?难到你的生命是无价的。爱一个人是不可以强逼的。既然她放弃你,但,你依然爱她,那你只好选择放手吧,她会比较快乐。爱一个人不一定要常常在一起,只要她快乐,你也快乐。也许我们要常常记住,“预期料想不到的事”Expect the Unexpected.


1、 因爱而生(爱并非单指爱情)           
8、再试一下 (要相信自己)

 "If I continue Ph. D one day, I think I will look like him, my hair all drop"

8-12-2010 (Wednesday) - This is the third times, I attend the seminar series and giving the support to my dear senior who going to conference next week. All the best to her and I know she can perform well. This three weeks, I so hardworking to attend the seminar series although the title which they presented is not related with my field. My field is a about linguistic. This is the best way I learn and preparation before I going to present next times. After attending the three seminar series, I found that I learn a lot of new things. For example, how to justify it, how to prove it by giving the reference or scenario to support your work. Why so special with your proposed system? What is your contribution in this project? Suddenly,  there are many WH- questions in my mind now. I start to worry about my project. However, do you ask yourself ? Why we do research? 1. Research is to satisfy your examiner. 2. Research is good advance for the academic career (publish, publish, publish). 3. Research is to change the world. 4. Research can enjoy the lifestyle. Haha :) A little can't believe that research can enjoy the lifestyle too. Enjoy..Enjoy..really enjoy..haha :) Am I like doing research? Am I do my best work? haha :P The best work is not what is most difficult for you; it is what you do best. Yeah, totally very agree with this statement. Besides that, the most important of the research is the evaluation -the output/outcomes of the research. The output can divided into few categories, 1. success or fail 2. desirable or undesirable 3. expected  or unexpected. 

Sharing corner: 

"This picture is nice and it called bottom of the pyramid or BOP"

Based on this picture, in economics, the bottom of the pyramid is the largest, but also the poorest socio-economic group. On the other words, there are 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2.50 per day. Besides that, according to the Wikipedia,  the phrase "bottom of the pyramid" is used in particular by people developing new models of doing business that deliberately target that demographic, often using new technology.

4-Dec-2010 (Saturday) - I just getting a shock when I saw many of friends post on you wall (RIP my dear friend). Everyone cant't accept and I also can't accept it as it really too sudden.I cry when I looking at your page. I can't believe you, this times you travel to a very very far place and no come back again anymore. So fast, you leaving this world and leaving us, without any words. You promise us to wait for us to meet, but finally you lost your words, you can't waiting us. But, I believe that these 23 years, you are joy and happiness with your family and us. I still can remember during my secondary school times form 4 and form 5, you are sitting behind me. We study together, we copying together as well as we always make fun together. Sorry, I lost contact with you so long time ago after  form 5. Within this 5 year, we just meet one times in KL. That times, you just pass by me, maybe this called "Yuan Fen". Currently, I just back to contact you by Messenger. That times, when you tell me, you not looking for a jobs, you want to go to travel around. I should ask Why? WhY? WHY? you hide it (intestine cancer) from us. Now, I imagine the situation when you chatting with me. You want to tell me something, but sorry about that, I can't get it. When I get it, it too late already. Sigh, everyone is speechless, whatever what we do, we also cannot get back you. But,  you are  brave, you telling us, we must appreciate and enjoy every hours, every minute,s as well as every seconds in our life. Life is short. We must take care our health. Later, you will be buried, I pay my last respect to you. Anyway, rest in peace, my dear friend, you are missed and loved.


My dear friend, Choi Voon, you always are missed and loved

Tears in Heaven
Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?

I'll find my way
Through night and day
'Cause I know I just can't stay
Here in heaven

Time can bring you down
Time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart
Have you begging please
Begging please

Beyond the door
There's peace, I'm sure
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven

'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven

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