Today early morning, I had been invited by Chai Yeen to go to HopePal Kota Samarahan Chinese New Year event. I so happy as I can meet a lot of brother and sister there, my course mate (Sung Sung & Chai Ping) and my students as well. First times, I saw my students there. They having the same feeling with me just like when I meet my lecturers in shopping centre). They all very friendly. The event start with singing a song called ”天天好天“. It is a good song. What I mean the title is quite suitable. This is because last few weeks, the weather is bad. Everyday also raining and it is very cold at night, so I hope 天天好天. Furthermore, I also learn a lot of things from brother Jason's speaks. The titles somethings related to "NEW THINGS". He give an good example. When we driving the car, we always look at the front mirror, we seldom use the back mirror and the side mirror unless we need to turn back or cut road. Just like in our life, we must look forward, we seldom look backward, we will look backward when we refer back our mistakes so that we will not repeat the same mistakes again. People who hold the failure, he/she will not be success. But, we also cannot hold the success too long. Besides that, we always pray God when the things is impossible but we never pray when the things is possible.
Nice dinner at Lok Garden (nearby Cyberkas)

Reunion Dinner with my dearest Junior (Start from Left - Mei Mei, Thoo, Chia Li, Phui Heng, Whee Mun)

Besides that, that night I also had a reunion dinner with my dearest Juniors before we all go back. This is the first times having the reunion dinner with them. We just like a small family. After that, we go to Kenyalang Park Complex jalan-jalan. There have a lot of stalls selling the CNY foods, snack, cookies, cards, clother and etc.


Having my second reunion dinner with my Tzu Chi member in Desa Ilmu (Having Steamboat) before I go back to hometown. We just like a big family. Finally, I feel that 幸福,因为得到祝福,也认识了造福的人,所以知福的我也要懂得怎样惜福。

21-1-2011 (Friday) - Chinese New Year is coming soon. The people in lab become less and less. Everyone already go back to their hometown. But, I only go back to my hometown next week. Finally, I can go back and see my family. Times pass very fast. I stay here after convo, now I go back again, almost 4 month. Today, early morning 8am, I help my lecturer to replace C programming lab. As today student is not so many, so I teach them one by one. At the same times, I also learning when I teach. Teaching is learning. Finally, I can go back to my programming mode, so that I can recall back what I learn during Infosys times. (i++, ++i, i--, --i ). Later, I have to go to Chinese New Year event in old campus there. Yesterday and today, I also busy searching the details for trips. Finally, I bought the ticket already. Haha ^^ 

Currently, is very busy as the new semester start already. I be required to be tutor to teach System Analysis and Design, SAD subject. Haiz, without $$$. Thus, I only choose two slot to teach.   First times, being tutor sure very nervous. The first class I attend, the class is really full. Is expect the expected It very tired once I continue teach two class directly. When I teaching, I remember the way my lecturer, Pn. Sharin teach me last times, how to draw Data Flow Diagram (DFD) , Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). Thanks for her again, else I can't master it well. 

Besides that, I also writing paper for the STAIR'11: International Conference on Semantic Technology and Information Retrieval 27th to 29th June 2011 Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with title Named Entity Recognition for Borneo Indigenous Languages. This is the first times, I write paper. Thanks for my supervisor who guide me very well. There are many things I need to learn (the format of paper, the English grammar). I really hope the paper will be accepted, so that I can attend the conference during Jun. I really pray hard for it. As a researcher, I have to write as many as I can. 

On the other hand, I also busy with Tzu Chi camp. Within two weeks got 3 Tzu Chi [第九屆古晉慈青生活營之《飞往幸福的路途》2010年古晉慈濟歲末祝福], so I not around during weekend. It really very tiring. But, I really appreciate as I really gain a lot of things from the camp. [人要知福、惜福、再造福。]

很幸福 点点滴滴的相处
很幸福 不会就这样结束
     人生路 许多苦 
因為有你 不孤独
     很幸福 一起期待的日出 
很幸福 有你陪伴的寒暑
往事 再回顾 未来 永不落幕
献上我最真的祝福 展望前程长路
哪怕现实残酷 别任命运将你束缚
希望你能展翅飞舞 往更远的路途
在那回忆的深处 有著我们之间
      最真的祝福 ^^


19-1-2011 (Wednesday) - Finally, the camp was finish, 2 day 1 night camp (15-1-2011 to 16-1-2011) at 古晉慈濟會所. The title of the camp is "飞往幸福的路途". Last weekend (7/1-9/1), we go there and rehearsal. At that times, I act as participant. Every event, I also have to participate and give opinion. Everyone is try their best to do their work. We learn how to cooperate, how to solve problem together. I feel very happy as I meet many new friends (but, they all younger than me, year 90-92). When I treat them just like I treat my younger brother. Haha :p

During the camp, I act as the leader of the group (8 person per group). As a leader, I need to communicate well with the member, make fun with them, caring them, try to sharing with them. It totally a new experience for me. Before that, I'm just keep quiet, I don't like sharing. So, this is a good times for me to change. It really challenge me. In University times, I also be leader for assignment and project. A good leader is able to assign the work equally to member and guide them how to do, and final produce a quality assignment and project which fulfill the requirement of lecturer. That times, I not a good leader, because I no give chance for my member to learn. I try to handle the whole project as much as I can. This is because they always say don't how to do. As a member, they should know times always limited. Although group leader have to take responsibility, but member also have to responsibility on their work (this kind of things will happen again and again, although you come to working life).

When come to 行孝环节, plus sharing part. Many people start crying. But, I not crying on that times, although the story is so touch. Maybe, I already become mature. As I always tell myself, I must be strong. I must forget all the sadness memory. It is very tiring if you always keep in your mind, unable concentrate on your work. It better, let the past just pass and concentrate on work. Look forward our future. Besides that, maybe my friend and my relative leave this world early, that why I start to know we must appreciate each others especially your family (parents+ siblings) , the closer people with you. Every night, I also calling back to my mother, so that they know me doing well here. She always ask me: "Are you alone there?" and I answer: "I not alone, I have junior and senior". Sometimes, I really alone but I not telling my parents so that they don't worry, but I really enjoy alone life. Thanks again to my senior and junior who always support me. I always will not forget my supervisor. Haha ^^

Finally, after this camp, I really gain a lot of things. There have many story make me start to think mature. If I have times, I try to sharing again..^^ I should care someone who need care.

~ With Twin Jong Left[Cheryne Jong], Right[Cherole Jong] ~

~ Another committee Left[ Lim Li Khun], Right[Goh Min Lee] ~

~ Camp Song 我很幸福 ~

~ 2010年古晉慈濟歲末祝福 at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, Hall~

~ Inside Borneo Convention Centre Kuching ~

~Promote 3R Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to save our EARTH~


This "Fu Hui" ang pau is blessings to everyone
the middle of the rice by transplanting the doctors Dalin harvest
the annual royalty income of Master will be divided into a red ang pau
~ I am very happy to get the Master's wisdom and blessing red ang pau ~


~ With Tzu Chi member and Sweetie, Happy Family ^^ ~

1. Everyone is busy to prepare the show later and I at the backstage to prepare the Fu Hui "ang pao" and " Fu Hui" present.
2. That day, I feel very happy because I can meet sweetie and my junior :).
3. You can see everyone is wear BLUE color shirt and WHITE pants. It means volunteers to have as broadminded as the blue sky, with clouds as clean as.

31-12-2010 (Friday) - this is the first times, I celebrate New Year in Sarawak. It also the first times, I joined Year End countdown party live in Kuching, MJC City. It totally new experience for me. Before that, every year, I just sit in front of TV. Fortunately, my friend had two ticket , so I can go. Hehe :p At the same times, I feel unfortunately as it start raining. Everyone was holding umbrella. Although, I had hold umbrella, my clothes still wet. I feel very hot and high on that night as many people crowd together. The performance include
神木与瞳(Taiwan)、“星光血滴子”的Alisa,林宇中、Da Monster 摩斯特、Vinx 林一心、Katherine曾凯婷、培杰、黄威尔、刘婉莹、Julio黄苠晋(Malaysia). 在雨中,听林宇中唱歌,果然不一样。When the times was near. Start countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 everyone. I feel very happy, I can see a lot of firework(no more firework in TV). That night, I stay at my friend house, Irene. This is the first times we meet after we finish the Infosys program. It feel great to meet her again.. Haha ^^

2011 Year End countdown party live in Kuching-MJC City- 神木与瞳

~ Let's go ~

~2011 Live 动全城倒数派对 ~

~2011 countdown firework, in MJC Kuching~

古聖先賢孝為宗   萬善之門孝為基
禮敬尊親如活佛   成就生命大意義
父母恩德重如山   知恩報恩不忘本
做人飲水要思源   才不愧對父母恩

小羊跪哺  閉目吮母液
感念母恩  受乳恭身體
膝落地      姿態如敬禮
小羊兒     天性有道理
人間孝道  及時莫遲疑
一朝羽豐  反哺莫遺棄
父身病   是為子勞成疾
母心憂   是憂兒未成器

多少浮雲遊子夢  奔波前程遠鄉里
父母倚窗扉         苦盼子女的消息
多少風霜的累積  雙親容顏已漸老
莫到懺悔時          未能報答父母恩

為人子女   飲水要思源
圓滿生命    盡孝無愧意
兒女心       無論在何地
給雙親        一聲感恩您




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