5-4-2013 (Friday) - "I'll call you Dad, you hit my mother. Is this right?" (我叫你“大伯”,你打我妈,这样对吗?干嘛这样?)..I will not call you Uncle anymore, as you hit my mother. Although I don't know what is actually happen, but I hope I can watch the video clip one day - how you hit my mum. A low-down man using your fist to hit and slap. Ask yourself you have any reason to do this? Maybe God allow you to do this. Every times the things is happen, when I not around you. I can't do anything. I just can  listen on you and my tears start dropping. Fortunately, my brothers are around all the times once I call. Never forgive you. Forgive you is just allow you to repeat the same things. And, you still want us to RESPECT you? Sorry to say that we will not RESPECT. Besides, why you keep silent? Until today you still keep silent. Silent is not the solution for us!! 

打女人的男人算是男人吗?打女人的男人是无能的男人! 看了CCTV,我真的看不下去,我想你没有资格做我的长辈-你不配...你不配!!!! 更厉害的你可以当作没一会事。保持沉默的我们,并不代表我们认输!!


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