- A word of HOPE in a world of HURT - 

05-08-2015 (Friday) - Busy! Busy! Busy! Life like no life. Fighting your work every night and every weekend. At the end, you get comments from your boss. Words is powerful either it can heal a person or hurt a person. But, I not sure the way you talk to me is to encourage me / motivate me or hurt me / depressed me. "Now, company only has one worker. You think you are prefect already. You don't have competitor that why you don't have improvement. One day, if a new worker coming. He/she is better than you. You will put at the side". Since the boss want to challenge with you. You just have to take the challenge. Every day, I'm writing report to him. Every morning, I'm busy thinking what I need to write? If I write less (means I'm not doing my well). If I write many (means I'm hardworking). Anyway, I feel crazy to write those report. (The most crazy part is I need to write down every conservation with my customer).

I feel my work is overloaded. "Why you can't do it?". Answer: Time limited. After few minutes, "Why you can't do it? You can't even create a database to store the data, you told me you are Master degree's graduate?". Sir, If I can't do it, I think I should not be here and I need to go back to my university and study back again. The same word is repeat and repeat again. "You are Master degree's graduate".."You should know this xxx that xxx".

Boss given me a short period of time to finish the project (10 days). Yes, I should finish it on times. But during this short period of time, there are so many tasks coming up. Boss may not be aware how much time is required to complete all the tasks. It is not easy to deal in this kind of situation. Company has 9 customers, and I involve 6 customers). Boss always say fighting until the end when the war come. A war - many people fighting. But, one worker fight with many customers. At the end, the worker will die on the war.

"I pay you high salary and now, you did nothings for me, you make lose company all the times". Yes, I should not stay here anymore. You may hire a low salary worker and make profit for company. Anyway, my goal is not making lose but is making the business more profitable. 

Last but not least, a good company, they will not scare the turnover is high. Other the other hand, a bad company, the boss should know why your worker can't stand even 1 year and run away. 

Warehouse Sale - Kose

Warehouse Sale - Hush Puppies 

- My Idiot, Jay Chou -

05-08-2015 (Friday) - Wow. Warehouse sales is coming. When I stay in Ipoh, I always heard from my KL friend, there is a lot of warehouse sales in KL. The first warehouse sale I went is LeRun Bicycle Warehouse Sale (6-8 Mar 2015).That times, I plan to buy a bicycle but I found that the price is not cheap. Some of the bicycle is cost RM 15,000. The cheapest bicycle is RM 1,500. I remembered long long times ago, my dad bought the bicycle for my brother, LeRun brand as well, RM 350 only. What a big different last times and now. 

Next, the second warehouse sale I went is Kose. Although I not really know how to make up and I also seldom make up. I still crazy shopping. Well, mother day is around the corner. I bought it as mother day's gift. I just realized that cosmetic has their expiration dates, so try not to buy the old stock. Spent! Spent! Spent! Within these two weeks, I went to two warehouse sale - Kose and hush puppies. Oh no, my credit card still can work? Shopping make people happy? Shopping make people crazy when settle the statement. Haha :) 

MediaPad (Huawei)

05.08.2015 (Friday) - I received my new toy last month - MediaPad (Huawei). A free gift from ringgitplus when I apply the Citi bank credit card. The screen is not too big or too small - 7'. But, it is very hard to find the cover. Shopping whole day but still can't find the suitable cover. At the end, I choose the best solution (online shopping) - Lelong website. Yeah, now I get my Android and iOS's tablet and phone. I can download many application especially my stock screen-er stockhut (Recommended)

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