English is everything

Do you think English is everything? When I small, I learn English until now I still learning English. How come I cannot finish learning English? Too many things to study. (Pass tense, present tense, future tense, noun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc..) After analysis, I just realize that I cannot finish study English. English can be memorized? Yeah, maybe can. I memorize seven story from Reader Digest when I was sitting SPM. During the exam, I just pick one suitable story with matching with the essay question, then I start writing the essay. At the end, I score it in my SPM. But, I know I cannot memorize English all the times. For example, Can I memorize the whole dialog before I chatting with my friends?

English is so important. I like to research and find information, but because of English, I feel very hard to write thesis. I like to communicate, but because of English, I feel very hard to communicate with each others. As I think how to express it by using English. Once, you get ready, but maybe you friend or others people is in others topic. This is the reason, why I always keep quiet. But, you cannot keep quiet all the times. People will think you cannot do anything. Therefore, I have to start to practice and speak out everything which you want to tell them.

Once again, is it English is so important? Some of successful people, they also cannot speak English language. They only can speak their Mother language, but they still survive and also successful in their life. As for the business, how they communicate to each others? Yeah, in Internet, we got google translate. You can convert from one language to another language. Besides that, we can have translator who the person will help you to translate everything. Thus, do you feel that English is everything? English is important?

Nowadays, almost every minutes, I also have to speak out using English. With lecturer, with visitor as well as my colleague(postgraduate student), I cannot escape English anymore. Last times, when I do revision, the first things, I must open digital dictionary or dictionary. This is because there are many words I don't understand. Keep skipping the words. At the end, you may not understand what the article/ story about. But now, I keep reading journal everyday. Always remember "practices always make perfect".


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