-- Miracles happen if we keep believing --

31-12-2013 (Tuesday) - Today is the last day of 2013. Today, boss gave me a letter about the bonus and increment 2013 (1 month bonus + 3-4% increment of my salary). Got 1 month bonus with 3-4% increment is better than nothings. I still remember after my probation period, my increment is just Rm 18. Now, I understand Rm 18 is a "big" amount better than nothings. I should appreciate it. I still remember the trainer told us -"Without bonus or increment mean you totally don't have any performance through out the year". Anyway, be patient, never give up, keep believing, be positive, just in the future, have faith in year 2014.


Gopeng Day Trip 

..Wall picture at Gopeng (1)..

..Wall picture at Gopeng (2)..

..Wall picture at Gopeng (3)..

..Wall picture at Gopeng (4)..

Gopeng Map

..Muzium Gopeng..

..Hup Tuck Soy Sauce Factory..

..Me and Sweetie..

30-12-2013 (Monday) - Last week of Year 2013. 
Today is working day, but not like working day as jamming  around Ipoh.
Hopefully, today my plan is to explore new place - Gopeng (within 25 minutesfrom Ipoh).
Walk 1 step..there is wall picture..Walk 2-10 step..another wall picture..
Yeah, easy to find.

We just walk around the roundabout  - Gopeng Map.
Next visit Muzium Gopeng - "No Tin, No Gopeng".
Person who like "古董" sure they will miss this place.

Next destination: Hup Tuck Soy Sauce Factory -> searching GPS --> around 30 minutes will arrive (in my mind, it should not take too long to reach there). Fortunately, I meet a shop owner and asking for the direction. First times, i meet a kind person. "Please follow my car, I will bring you there"..^.^ Turn left, turn right, within 5 minutes, we reach the soy sauce factory. 

Another friendly person we meet, the owner of the soy sauce factory. He explained to us the process of making the "kicap", "kicap pekat" and so on. The more explanation, the more we buy. At the end, we happily shopping in this factory.

"Di Ta, Di Ta, Di Ta...
the time has passed so fast, 
it times she need to leave me.. T.T

And, she left me an angel.
May there always be an angel by your side..

An Angel will guard you in all your ways.
On their hands they will bear you up.
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Because of you, I start my angel collection.

-- 十二月 CALENDAR --
有空时,DESIGN 一下,感觉好搞笑。。哈哈 :)



...终于,有的吃了...冬至快乐 :)


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