1600 Pandas World Tour Exhibition
at Publika, Solaris Dutamas

-- Cute Panda -- 

-- Loving --

-- Special Edition, Panda in Malaysia --

-- `1600 Panda at Publika --

-- Finally, me with the Panda ^.^ --

18-1-2015 (Sunday) - So long, I not go out with it (my Toy - camera). I must bring it go out this times. [But, the photos I posted here is from my phone, not my camera.] Anyway, I still believe quality of the DSLR. During the weekend, I went to visit the 1600 Pandas World Tour Exhibition at Publika. This is the first times, I went there and drive there with my uni-mates and primary friend. The place is crowded. Everyone went there, busy selfie and welfie with the Pandas. Actually, why Pandas? Why not 1600 Monkeys? Why must Pandas? The behind story of the 1600 Pandas is came from a person called, Paulo Grangeon. [More Information about Paulo Grangeon and the Pandas]. 

After taking photo with the Pandas, we went for our lunch - New York's Pizza. This is the first times, I try New York's Pizza. We order the slice of pizza, boneless buffalo chicken wings as well as Manhattan. The slice pizza is very big, normally people will order one slice (RM10.88) instead of one 18-inch pie (RM69.88).

P/S: 1600 Pandas in Hong Kong. 100 Doraemon in Hong Kong. Snoopy Models in front of a shopping mall in Bangkok. We can simply take photo with those "CUTE" models in Hong Kong and Bangkok. But, in Malaysia, it really different with other country. Every things need entrance fee. For example, 100 DORAEMON MALAYSIA, the ticket price is RM 25.00 for adult. In order to take photos with all the Pandas, you need to long queue and a fee of RM10. In Malaysia, people willing to pay, willing to queue and willing to crowd together [Malaysia People].

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-- Ticket RM88: Kopiko Purple League --

-- Nusajaya vs Cheras (Boonsak Ponsana with Hafiz) --

-- Lee Chong Wei's Sport Arena Sentosa --

-- Waiting for the next match, 99 secs --

3-1-2015 (Saturday) - This is the second times I watched ON LIVE badminton. The first times, I watched in Ipoh (Maybank National Circuit Perak Open 2014). I feel lucky I got the chance to watch the badminton competition after attend badminton training with my friends. The best things is FREE entrance..^.^..Anyway, next times, I should grab the chance to take photo with them. Just thinking who is my admirer - badminton player? ...


Throwback the year of 2014, there are many things happens. What a bad year. MH370 (Mas Airline)- disappear, MH 17 (Mas Airline) - shot down by the Ukrainian Soldier, Q8501 (AirAsia) - found in the Java Sea after the crash on last Sunday (28/12/2014).

Although only a few days left in 2014, there still got many sad case happen. One of the sad case is northern and eastern states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak and Perlis in Malay Peninsula were hit by flash floods including some areas in Sabah. I just noticed that my grandfather's house (Temerloh) hit by flash floods as well. All the furniture are gone. 

Besides that, the price of the fuel keep breaking the lowest record and this is the bad news for Malaysia. And, U.S. remain the world's biggest oil producer after overtaking Saudi Arabia and Rusia. The Malaysia market start crash after August 2014. For this moment, it is very hard to rebound back. 

P/S: I start concern about whole world market as well as Malaysia market when I start to play share. Through the share group discussion, I learn many things from my "Sifu". As a investor or trader, we should know all this information. Happy learning all the times.

My New Toy - Ukulele (1)

Ukulele (2)

P/S: A small size guitar, called Ukulele. There are four main sizes in ukuleles: Soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. My once is concert size. For me, soprano is too small. When I holding the soprano ukulele, I feel like holding nothings. Besides that, my fingers is big enough. Thus, it is very hard to press the string. Last times, I buy a tuner to tune my guitar string. Now, we can save the money by download the tuner Apps in the Apple Store. User guide buying ukulele
My life can't without music. Only music will company me all the way. One day, I want a Music room to keep my all music instrument -- guitar, ukulele, harmonica, piano. ^.^ 
May my dream come true. 

" 我不当争吵, 只当给我们机会协调 :) 只当给我们机会,去做更好的人,走更好的路。"

什么是协调 ?



而我在寻找快乐, 不是回报。



1. Let go because things are not the same anymore.
2. Let go because the trust and loyalty isn’t there.
3. Let go because you are unclear of where things stand.
4. Let go if the friendship or relationship is damaging to you.
5. Let go if you simply don’t see eye to eye
6. Let go if you’re the one fighting to make it work.
7. Let go if he or she doesn’t encourage you or believe in you.
8. Let go if the relationship isn’t bringing you what you want and need.

Interview In KL

After Hong Kong and Macau trip, I stayed in KL for awhile until I found my job. This is the 8th company which I interviewed. I had two interview in KL.One of the company offer me which I'm doing now. 

During the Interview
1) Why you work two years already and you still haven get promoted? 
[Even though, my senior is working more than 5 years and yet still haven get promoted]

2) What is your hobby? 
[I'm out going type. I like to join activity such as Tzu Chi activity and etc.] (Interviewer: I not feel that you are out going type) [In my mind, you are the person who ask the question but not willing to accept my answer - no people will understand myself more better than me]

3) Your knowledge only have 30%.
If I have 100% knowledge. Why I need to jump company seeking for new technology? One of my reason for resigning.

4) Should a programmer do testing?
My answer is Yes. [Interviewer: You answer is wrong.] In my past working experience as programmer, every times I need to do testing when develop the system. In my mind, "YOU" should understand every company culture, not only your company culture. Other company culture, some workers have to "ONE LEG KICK" means one person have to do all the things. Most of the times is ONE LEG KICK, even though is big company or small company.

View from my friend
View from my friend - you are lazy. According to Jack Ma's - A girl should ....
The way I having actually...
I trying hard to find my job although I know the path is tough. 
[At the end, my mum told me - Don't simply apply job and don't simply attend interview! Choose good company for interviewing enough!] 

Start working life in KL
The first day, I went for work. I just noticed that my company just have 4 person (2 bosses + 2 workers) include me. I asked my colleague - how about others colleague. He just told me, early we have 8 workers but the boss fired them one by one and now, left me one workers only. This company is a leading system solution provider of ERP system. 

Without understand/explain the system flow / databases, the boss assigned tasks to me. The first working day, I need to start coding. I feel very blur when I doing the system. I tell myself I can't continue sitting there and do my coding without knowing the output. So, I decide to ask him next. Finally, I able to solve the problems. Everyday we had meeting, every times, we also scolded by the boss and now, I had no feeling at all. 

During the last meeting, my colleague was scolded by the boss. "Why you no ask question?" because "You don't know ask what question". Feeling all the boss is "FUNNY", however we do right or wrong. At the end, still wrong. When my colleague finish the job within one day. Boss not trust him and he think his worker not do the job properly. On the other hand, if we delayed the task means we are not capable to do it.

Colleague: This is the first times, I stayed so late in office (10pm) after 9 months work. The next day, we OT until 12am (midnight). What a crazy job!!. My brain very tired, should I continue it at midnight? That night, I feel very dizzy and my heart feel very cold. I don't know what will happen next. My best friend told me, please stop it and having a good rest. She will pray for me.

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