Accept you as you are.
Believe in having fun.
Cherish time together.
Dream big dreams.
Enrich, comfort and delight.
Follow up and follow through.
Grow forever memories.
Honor each other's feelings.
Invite you into their hearts.
Just call to say "How are you?"
Know when something's up.
Love you, no matter what.
Multiply joys and divide sorrows.
Nurture each other's souls.
Overcome adversity together.
Pick your up when you are down.
Quickly forgive and make up.
Remind you of your greatness.
Smile when they think of you.
Thrive on shared trust.
Understand when to 'just' listen.
Value time together.
Walk with you, side by side.
Xperience ups and downs.
Yearn to stay connected.
Zest to live, love and laugh.

Friendship isn't how you forget, but how you forgive.
Not how you listen, but how you understand.
Not how you see, but how you feel.
Not how you let go, but how you hold on.



18-07-2010 (Sunday) - JAVA, JAVA, JAVA is the "BEST" programming languages. This whole week is busy with the Java assignment as well as Java project. Everyday, staying in the lab from 8am-12 midnight. Needless to say, my physical and mental is extremely tired, is really stressful. Everyday, sleep less than 5 hours and and every morning I woke up by my housemate. I think i never wake up if they not knock my door. Thanks so much to my housemate. Everyday, have to drink "coffee", if not later I will fishing in the class. Once, you think about JAVA, you will think about "coffee" too. This whole week i practicing as a typing writer and also compiler, keep typing the code and compile the code. Compile here, compile there. Helping my friends to compile too. While doing the Java project, I feel that I wanna to be crazy soon, but I think my group leader(ck) is more crazy than me since he do a lot things. I really appreciate him. Besides that, my friends always tell me relax and we have enjoy our life, we can't make our life stressful. Yes, I agree with what he say. But, I will enjoy after I finish all the project. I will serious when I doing the project. If not, we cannot finish the project in 36 hours. Maybe, some of members is scare with me or dislike me when I keep asking their work and progress. As for the evaluation, every times, our group is the last group for evaluating. I totally very bored while waiting. Almost 6pm, then only our group present the project. During the presentation, there are many 'x' inside the evaluation paper. "x" mean we do not fulfill the requirements, but some of the requirements is based on common sense. I thinking no matter we do or we do not do, finally also wrong. This is because each of us is different thinking, we can't reading others people thinks. We just can do what they are mention. Thus, no project is perfect. But never mind, what I can do is preparing for the Java Module test on Monday and I hope GOD will give me more strength to overcome the following module which ORACLE (more challenge)..May God bless me..

~ Enjoy JAVA just like Enjoy playing guitar~

~Java is best programming language~

What is about Inforsys Foundation Programme?

  1. Ministry of Higher Education and Multimedia Development Corporation in collaboration with Infosys Technologies Limited, one of India’s largest IT services company, invite students to participate in a training programme which aims to develop industry-ready knowledge workers by aligning the needs of industry with the talent pool generated by institutions of higher learning.
  2. Under the programme, students will be given exposure to Infosys best practices in an effort to create a pool of highly capable talent to meet the growth requirement of the IT industry
  3. The well-tested and successful training courseware designed by Infosys will be shared with entry level students who on completion will be better prepared to work on real-life customer projects.
  4. The training programme will be extensive hands-on exercises and focus on J2EE stream.
  5. This is the same courseware used by Infosys to prepare their new recruits to global industry-ready standard.
Course Details
1. Computer Hardware and System Software Concept
2. Programming Fundamentals
4. Analysis of Algorithm
5. Object Oriented Concept
6. Software Developments Methodology
7. User Interface Design
8. Client Server Concept
9. Internet Web Technologies
10. HTML/Javasciprt/XML
11. Java Programming
13. Advance Java Programming
14. J2EE
++ Soft Skills Training
++ Generic Comprehensive Examination
++ J2EE Integrated Comprehensive Exam

Before I joining the Infosys Foundation Programme, every times I will think that am I regret to take this programme? This is because it take my times (3 months) and all my plan unable to continues anymore. Previously, I plan to become Research Assistant in Unimas, Bintulu trip, continue further study MASTER and others. But, now after I joining the Infosys Foundation Programme, I think I will not regret anymore. I should think I am the lucky one because able to join this programme with 100 student from others University (UiTM, UMP, Unimas, UMS, UTM and others..) This is the chance for me to make networking with them and know more about their study life. Needless to say, I feel happy, I make a group of friends. They very friendly and helpful. We always sharing. Sharing mean caring. Besides that, we also make a group study. Previously, I don't have any group study in Unimas ( 3 years). Many among of friends is self- study. Actually, I like to give a question for my friends to answer, so that I can memory easily when I give explanation to them. But, some of my friends is not thinking like that. They thought the question I ask is testing them whether they got study/not study. They will thinking "kiasu" and "kiasi".This is wrong.

Times is passing so fast. We almost go through half of the modules in this programme. How many days left ?( 6 weeks more).There are 14 modules ,1 soft skills, 2 generic comprehensive examination in this programme. Now, I finish 10 modules, 1 soft skills and 1 GCE. I feel tired and exhausted. This is because 3-5 days finish 1 modules, 5-9 assignments each day, 1 day for complete the project. After every modules got a module test. As for module test, I feel a bit sad, because every times also left 1 question to score A. But, never mind, I still can smoothly to pass all the modules test as well as the generic comprehensive examination. Generic comprehensive examination is a challenge test which has part A and part B. We have to pass part A and part B..passing mark is 65.. then only consider you pass this exam. Part B is the more challenge, we required to write a program using C programming language and create database using SQL++ in 3 hours. Wow..this is the first times, what I did...Yeah, you can do it also, if you not believe it..

On the other hand, we learn a lot new things. New subject(analysis of algorithm)..How to write a program with professional style (with standard naming variable, comments and also reuse the code..Besides that, previously, I don't know what is API? I just know API when I going to industrial training. By using the Blackberry API, I able to write a mobile application for blackberry. I always referring the API, but I don't know, I can create the API also..javadoc .*java..Static method..non static to call them..what is the difference between them? ..keep exploring the new things..^^

Furthermore, we train as a worker, we not student anymore. Everyday, we go to lab also need thumb in. Each day thumb in three times. The attendance finger print system make me a bit crazy. Is start to think , am I crazy or the devices crazy? This is because every times, I thumb in already but I feel that I haven thumb in. Forget to thumb in..fine RM10..Thus, I have to more discipline..and don't let the system to make me crazy anymore. Anyway, is great to be worker here. Free 3 meals, free hostel and got allowance also..not bad.

Finally, I really enjoy my life now..^^

~Everyone was prepared for the Generic Comprehensive Examination~

Future?Future?Future? What is my future? What is my future going to be like? Where can I ask a question about my future? Now, I stand at T-Junction there. Should I turn left or turn right?Which road is the shortest way to reach my future? If I take the road wrong, can I turn back? There are many questions appear in my mind. I start to struggle. I just left less than 2 months times to think my future. I have to make my decision as well as my direction. Working or further study? Many of friends have start to work already. Whereas, I still in Unimas taking Infosys program. During this times, I also consider as worker, I also get the allowance, although not many. But, I really learn a lot things in Infosys.One things I like is we always sharing. Sharing mean caring. But, seriously, I have to sit down and think what is my future? Many of them include my lecturer,my supervisor, my parents as well as my friends, they all encourage me going to further study, especially my supervisor, he treat me very well, until I got the feeling.I must do my best and will not disappointed him.If I further study,which University should I go? Local or Oversea? Whatever..Haiz..It really take my times to think this kind of question. Can I keep at side only. Anyway, I hope God will lead me to the correct direction. My future..There are long way to achieve my future..Hmm, may be my future scope is too big..actually, I just want to become success person just like my father..^^

~~Kayaking in Unimas ~~

4-7-10 (Sunday) - Life in Unimas is just like that. Sometimes is too busy with the assignment and project. Sometimes is too boring but I will not make my life just like that. Today, the weather is quite good. Hence, my friends and I decide to kayak at evening. Three years in Unimas also not kayak. Today is my first times kayaking. Because I haven play kayak before, hence I need my friend (Fadilah) to company me and give me instruction. Thanks to her so much. Without her, I think i will not try kayak. We start kayaking.(Left, right, left, right...) At first, I feel very hard to control it. Is start to think negatively. How? If the boat in unbalance. Shall I continue to kayaking? Because of her, I trust her and let her to lead me and finally we cross over the Unimas bridge. When we want to return back. It a bit hard. We turn around at the lake few times. But, I also not give up, keep trying and trying and finally safety reach. Enjoying kayaking..^^

~~Me, Fadilah, Teng ~~

This is how I look..
This is what I have..
I will change what I can..
I will accept what cannot change..
I will do my best what GOD given me..

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change to things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

Pareto's Principle -The 80-20 rule.

Success is 99% hard work and 1% luck.

After attending two softskills within this two months, I get the motivation to change myself although it a bit late. But, never mind at least I will try best to change. During this soft skills, I learn a lot of things such as presentation skills, communication skills, team-work and etc. Besides that, I found there are some quotation is quite useful in my life which are mentioned above. Actually, the first quotation and the second quotation is almost the same. It tells us we have to change from times to times, so that our life become better and better. But, some of the things, we cant change, hence, we just accept it only. Anyway, we just do our best what GOD given me. As for the Pareto's Principle-The 80-20 rule, many people unable to apply this rule in their life. Many of them apply in different way which is 20-80 rule. They use 80 percent of effort to get 20 percent of results. Hence, we have to make changes. We not only have to study hard but also study smart. Remember, study smart not study hard. As for the "Success is 99% hard work and 1% luck". In my opinion, hard work is the important to be success and luck is nothing. But, may be some of them think that luck is more important than hard work. For example, some of my friends, he/she work very hard, but finally he/she fail the test. Why this happen? Is because of the luck? But, one things I believe that those people who are hard work, they will success in their future one day. But, always be remembered, we learning from our mistakes. Add oil, my friends !!!

~~~~~My 23rd Birthday Cake~~~~~

~~Celebrating birthday with my friends ~~

~~~~~ My New gang in Infosys ~~~~~
I can't have fun without them.........^^

29th Jun 2010 (Monday) -is my 23rd birthday. Previous years, I celebrate birthday with my family and best friends. But, this year is different. They can’t celebrate with me as I not going back home. I thought this year I would celebrate my birthday alone in room but finally is not. Once the clock is reach 12.00 am-(Kak Dila, Muni, Wani, Suhaibah and Safiah) they came to room. At first, I do not what is happen, what they will do with me. After that, they start singing "Birthday" song in different version (English, Mandarin and Malay) to me. It gives me a surprise. I like the Mandarin version so much. The next early morning, I get many wishes from friends. During the class, they (100 students) singing the "Birthday" song to me again. Besides that, when I login into my facebook, I found that I had 200 notifications. This is the first times, I received many wishes from my friends, lecturer, trainer and family. Thanks to my sweetie senior, Elise also. At night, we celebrating birthday at "Bilik Makan" and having fun there. Needless to say, it gives me a memorable day in Unimas. I really appreciate it. Thanks to my friends!

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