Interview In Singapore

After I resigned my first job. I applied Singapore's job. I feel very happily when I received the call from Singapore - call for interview. After few days, I flight there. These few days, I stayed in my friend house. The first day, early morning, I went for interview. When I reached the office, the office not yet open. Once I saw the office, it give me a bad impression. (Please Google the place first, before you go. Don't just read the company profile.) Never mind, we can't decided anythings just by looking the cover. When the office opened at 10am. Once I entered the company, I saw 90% of workers have Tattoo, wearing the short skirt as well as fashion hair (dye color hair). After 10 minutes, all the workers went out for smoking. That times, I feel curious whether this is IT company or "Black" company. Boss: "Please come in." During interview, the boss not looking my cert at all. (Why I study Master? Why I need to attend many Professional course in order to get the cert?). Anyway, he just gave me an offer $1600 to $2400. He told me this is foreigner worker (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia) salary list. You can immediately start work if you accept. Overall, it just took me 3 minutes for interviewed. At the end, I not accept the offer. 

Life In Singapore

Taking the bus/MRT going back to home. I saw the old folks rush for bus. Some of the old folks are caring a lot of stuff. In Singapore, most of them used MRT/Bus. Hence, I feel great to stay in Malaysia. We have our own car, we can go here and there. But, why nowadays teenagers like to go Singapore (Malaysia economics is really bad! When overall market is green, only Malaysia is red. When others are red, Malaysia still maintain as red. Thus, Malaysia economics become worse and more.) Singapore's currency is high. When your friend work one months in Singapore, you need to work two and half months in Malaysia. If your salary is low, maybe you need to work three to four months. After I stayed with my friend, I start to feel demotivated as every day I heard "boring" from them. Everyday, 5.30 am wake up and 8.00 pm came back from work. Some of them working 7 days. "Why you want to walk back instead of taking MRT which is more faster and save times?". I don't want to take MRT because I no need to go back home early. If I go back home, I also nothings to do. What is the purpose of life. They don't know how long to stay in Singapore. No choice, they still have to stay there because of earning of "fast money".

Mei Li - Dawen Wang (美麗 - 王大文) 

美麗 美麗
別的話 不準確

美麗 美麗
相信我 的直覺

看太陽沉沒 升起
呼吸妳呼吸 憧憬妳憧憬
我只能愛妳 就算一無所有

永遠都不說 分離
感覺到完整 當我的生命

美麗 美麗
一輩子 有多久

Repeat *

永遠都不說 分離
當我的生命 有美麗的妳

全世界因為 妳一個回應

P/S: The first times I heard this song through Astro 新秀大赛. Feel lovely when hearing the music.

- Sunset at Avenue of Stars -

- Avenue of Stars -

19-10-2014 (Sunday)
We reached Kowloon terminal. The first thing, we need to do is to get the Octopus card (only available at MRT station). After that, we went to find the hotel (Delta hotel) at Chung King Mansion Building, Tsim Sha Tsui. All the 1-2 stars hotels in this building and the place look like Bangladesh area. >.< After check in, we went to Avenue of Stars which is 15 minutes walk from my hotel.

- Ocean Park (1) -

- Ocean Park (2) -

-- Panda In Ocean Park --

20-10-2014 (Monday)
The next morning, we went to Ocean park (ticket HK 320) by taking the bus and train. This first times, I went to Hong Kong with family in year 2002 . That times, I visited Hong Kong Disneyland. Compared with Ocean park and Disneyland, I prefer go to Disneyland as I feel disappointing with the shows (sea lion and feeding food show etc.) More fun in Disneyland (Firework, 4D cinema, and etc.),
Spending the whole day in Ocean park without taking any meals (GENG)
There are many tourism agents sell the ticket which is discount HK 20-30, but I not buy the ticket from them (Believe? no believe? Better buy at the main counter)

-- Ngong Ping Village --

-- Tai O Fishing Village --

-- Dried seafood at Tai O market --

21-10-2014 (Tuesday)
We take the Crystal cable car (HK 160) went to Ngong Ping Village. It need a lot of walk and climb the stairs. A big Buddha and nice views there. After that, we went to Tai O fishing village by bus. There are a lot of dried seafood on Tai O street market. I bought some dried oyster and "Gan Bei" for my Mum...^.^..

22-10-2014 (Wednesday)
Our flight at 6 p.m but we went to airport after check out the hotel. Bye! Bye!

P/S: That times, I went to Hong Kong is 2014 Hong Kong Protests. Many road is blocked as protesters's tents on the road. Compare to Thailand, Bangkok (March 2014, that times I burn my ticket). it is safe to travel to Hong Kong during democracy protests. Every day, we walked from one place to another place, I can feel my leg almost "Patah" already. Trying the nice food in Hong Kong (Teh Ais, Dim Sun, Wanton Mee, Roasted Duck and etc). 

-- the place must go when you tell people, you visit Macau --

-- Senado Square --

-- Fortaleza do Monte --

-- Portugal Egg Tart MOP 8 --

18-10-2014 (Saturday)
Flight to Macau at 2.15pm. Reach Macau at 6.00pm. Taking the MT1/MT2 go to Casino Lisboa. People told us took 15 minutes will arrived our hotel (Man Va hotel) but we took 2 hours to find the hotel. When finding the hotel, I saw a lot of 钜记手信 shops and jewelry shops (周六福,周大福, 周生生) and casino. What a tiring day, walked along the street with my big luggage. Sleep early ya. Rest well. The next early morning, we went to Ruins of St.Paul's, Senado Square and Fortaleza do Monte. After visited, we took the TurboJET went to Hong Kong (around 55 minutes).

P/S: It is very suffer when we finding the hotel. Plus, we don't have small coins as the money changer give us HK 500 /HK 100. Thus, we faced a lot of problem when taking the public transport there.



每每靠近 满城风雨

你的怀抱 他曾带给我的美好

这完美的谎 完美的伪装

我要戒断 这种恶习





P/S: 第一次听A-Lin,感觉她把我心里想对你说的话都写完了。

作词 : 陶喆 / 叶寒辉 
作曲 : 陶喆
编曲 : 杨嘉成
监制 : 口袋音乐
配唱制作人 / 和音编写 :周博华
录音 /混音师 :王诗豪 

在你左右 还有多久

握紧的手 不愿放松
我必须要走 要记得~~~



在你左右 还有多久

握紧的手 不愿放松
我必须要走 要记得~~~








P/S: 起起伏伏的你, 我感觉我坦白我想法后你的雨天...我又怎会不了解你对我的心意呢...你别泪流了,我心疼你,我说的如果很难明白就别去明白了,我宁愿自己去明白你比较容易...也不会看到你在流泪...我也直接一点让你明白,想说我一直记着和你的美好...也想继续美好嘻嘻哈哈下去...你如果有这样的美好画面我们就好好开怀吧...别down了,让太阳出来吧,没事的,都过去了,"You are always an apple in my eyes" *抱*


A: Happy Mooncake festival! I am so curious. Is the moon at oversea is more nice than Malaysia? 
B: Let me check!
A: Haha :) I asking the stupid question. One moon only, how to become difference. (But, it really look difference from the above picture). 

Anyway, distance is nothing as we are looking at the same thing (sky) from different places and different times. Yeah, we always cherish our friendship. 


弯弯月光下  蒲公英在游荡
趁着夜晚  找寻幸福方向 

弯弯月光下  我轻轻在歌唱
从今以后  不会再悲伤
闭上双眼  感觉你在身旁
你是温暖月光  你是幸福月光

- Homily Chart (Download) -

- My Reference Book -

26-7-2014 (Saturday) - Currently found a useful technical analysis software called Homily Chart. This is the first times I use the software to analysis the stock. Multicolor Dragon, Red & Green Signal, Homily Rainbow, Red & White Circle, MA and Homily Position. Yet, I still learning. This month is the fourth months, I'm trading shares. Earning? Losing? :) Based on my experience, earning when you do your homework and do research and you make decision to buy the shares. While losing is you buy the shares with blind eye. I not treat trading shares as a gambling, or a games but I treat it as a "Learning" materials - Search for knowledge and gain experiences. According to the Warren Buffett, he buy his first share at age 11 and he now regrets that he started too late! And, I started at 27 years old and I feel very very very regrets. Then, how about you? Anyway, happy trading.

Rule No.1 : Never lose money; rule No. 2: don't forget rule No. 1.

Short Gateway In Kelantan

- Famous Food In Lenggong (玲珑) -

- View From Hentian Puncak Titiwangsa -

Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel -

23-7-2014 (Wednesday) - Finally, I got chance to visit Kelantan as my brother got court case in Kelantan. We depart from Ipoh at 12pm. Ipoh to Kota Bharu need 6 hours. Before we start our long journey, we stop at Lenggong, having our lunch. Lenggong is famous for its freshwater fish dishes and Saito fish balls. After finish lunch, we continue our journey. Up down, Up down. The view from the high mountain is not nice due to the haze. Continue driving. At the end, we reach at Kota Bahru at 7pm. We check in Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel (A Five Star Hotel-costs RM430 per night which included breakfast.) Enjoying the swimming pool, steam room, spa, and sauna room. Curious what is the difference between sauna and steam room - click for more details

- Pasar Siti Kahdijah -

- Sleeping Buddha -

- Standing Buddha -

- Sitting Buddha -

24-7-2014 (Thursday) - Early morning 8.30am, we go to Mahkamah Sesyen Kota Bharu due to the case start at 9am. I haven been in Mahkmah before even though my brother being a lawyer, so this is the first times for me. Once "Hakim" enter to the court. "Bangun". Case start. Within 15 minutes, the "Hakim" asking for postpone the date. Oh no, one of the lawyer who just flight to Kelantan this morning. Now, the "Hakim" ask for postpone. How? Fortunately, the "Hakim" quite "bertimbang rasa", and he try to announce the final results at 12pm. Hence, we try to return back to hotel check out and come back again. We go to Pasar Siti Kahdijah (open hours: 6am - 7pm). We buy a lot of "keropok". Average 90 sen per packet, normally I buy the keropok with RM2.50. Wow, so much different). The keropok have so many brands - twin tower is best (recommend by my junior, mei mei). Hence, I trust her and I buy 70 packet. Besides that, I buy some lekor - 8 lekor (RM5) - super cheap. So many people sell turtle egg >.<. At 12pm, we back to Mahkamah Sesyen again. Within 15 minutes, the case finished. Yeah, the case win already. What is the next activity? Going to visit the "Wat" in Kelantan. Although Kelantan as a Islamic state but there are many "Wat". (A list of Thai temple in Kelantan - click). We visit the Wat Machimmaram (Sitting Buddha), Wat Pikulthong (Standing Buddha), Wat Photivihan (Sleeping Buddha). 

- Lekor (Delicious) -

- Last Day But Not Ending -

30-6-2014 (星期一) - 终于到了这一天, 我要走了。伤心?高兴?短短的一个月,有六个人离职了,简直是太历害。接下来的几个月都有人辞职。这时的我,悄悄地走了,正如我悄悄地来,我挥一挥衣袖,不带走一片云彩。有位同事对我说,你就不好了,悄悄地走了。工作的最后一天,还要加班,大约七点左右,我才找到 Root Cause。这时,看左看右,沒人了,全部都走了。我也走了。再见!

P/S: 以前的我,放工了,看见同事还没有放工,就会问有什么事我可以帮忙吗?当我迟放工时,解决不到,想找个“神”来帮我,结果,公司都没有人了。你怎样对待别人,别人就会怎样对待你。同事们都说我的leader很好。她喜欢就出现,喜欢就不见。我的心喜欢就吓一下,喜欢就跳一下。

Anyway, happy to gain working experience. 哈哈 ^_^

Travel To Siem Reap

[3.7.2014 - 7.7.2014]

- Cambodian Cultural Village -

3.7.2014 (Thursday) - Early morning flight to Siem Reap at 650am. Siem Reap times to Malaysia times is +1 hours. We reached Siem Reap at 750am. The driver from Bou Savy Guesthouse is waiting us at Siem Reap, Cambodia Airport. We sat the "Tuk Tuk" car go to the guesthouse. I feel sad as my luggage fall from the "Tuk Tuk" car, and get injured. ***Next times, I will hold all my baggage while sitting the "Tuk Tuk" car. We ordered the package from the guesthouse (4 nights accommodation with air con room + daily breakfast + one time dinner + sightseeing tour with "Tuk Tuk" (3 days) + 3 beds equals to $151. Besides that, we also request for English speaker tour guide - $30 per day. Between, they only provided 3 days itinerary and Cambodian Cultural Village is not included in the itinerary. Therefore, we planned to go to Cambodian Cultural Village. The entrance fee is $15 per person plus "Tuk Tuk" car is $5 for both way. After that, we having our dinner at Pub Street and shopping at Angkor night market and old market.

- South Gate of the Angkor Thom -

- Baphoun -

- Angkor Wat -    
4.7.2014 (Friday) - Next morning, having breakfast at guesthouse. After having breakfast, we started to visit the South Gate of the Angkor Thom, Bayon, Baphoun, Elephant Terrance and others. Before visit, we need to buy the Angkor Pass - $40 for 3 days. During the journey, the tour guide explained the history of the building, the religion between Buddhist and Hindu. Break for lunch. After lunch, we go to visit Angkor Wat. For knowledge, the Cambodia flag consists of three color - white, blue and red. Blue color symbolized the nation's royalty. Red represents the nation and the white is represents the religion. The emblem of the temple represent the structure of the universe (Angkor Wat).

- Angkor Wat -

- Taprom -

- Taprom -

5.7.2014 (Saturday) - Leave the guest house early morning 4.45am to visit the sunrise at the Angkor Wat. We can't see the sunrise due to the sky too cloudy. Where is the Sun? Oh no, the sun is top of our head already - super hot. We backed to guest house for breakfast. After breakfast, we continue visit Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Tasom and others. After the lunch, we visit Taprom. Why so many tourists visit Taprom due to we wish to see the real amazing trees growing on the temple as there were filmed in Hollywood Movie, Tomb Raider acted by Anjerlyna Jolie.

- Floating Village -

6.7.2014 (Sunday) - According to our itinerary, we will visit to Kbal Spean. But, the tour guide suggest us go to floating village due to the waterfall is dry - nothings to see. At the end, we also decide to floating village. sitting the boat around the Tonle Sap Lake (Boat fee - $18 per person).

7.7.2014 (Monday) - Early morning, 6.30am check out and flight back to KLIA2.

Shopping: I like shopping at Angkor Wat Night Market / Old Market / Pub Street. Buy scarf $ 3 - $ 4, Pants $ 2.5 to $ 3.5, Fridge magnet - 18 piece ($7) - average $ 0.38. Cashew nut - 1kg - $ 7. The price is depends on high peak and low peak season. This times we go is low peak season (Raining season).
Food: I like the coconut shake and pancake banana plus chocolate.
Stay: Bou Savy Guesthouse (big room + clean + friendly worker) - recommended by 
Working life: Not able to get job vs low salary. In Cambodia, they hard to get job even though they have degree holder. In Malaysia, we easily get the job but with low salary. In my opinion, tour guide is the best job in Cambodia - easy to get the job and with high salary. Next is language, the more languages you know, the more you are human. 

- Celebrate with Family -

Wishes From Far Away Friends

(1) Wishes from Sweetie - Video + Audio + Card


(2) Skype with my best friend, Amy 

 (3) Dating with my primary school best friend, Pei Lin

(4) Gifts from my master mate - Maria Lai & Pei Yue

(5) Wish from Google - Google Homepage

29-6-2014 (星期天) - 又老了一岁! 快要三张了!>.< 以前在大学时,朋友和我庆祝生日。现在,回到家乡怡保工作了,就和家人庆祝生日。朋友,大家都忙着工作,但我依然得到你们的祝福!谢谢你们-远方的朋友。^.^


第一次到遥远的地方旅行有点害怕。以前的我都是一个人到Kuching去。哈哈 :) 你常常对我说不用害怕,这里有我在。一个人旅游,感觉是一极棒!在这次的旅途中,我认识了很多好好人。她们都很 friendly。一个人旅游,想要做什么就做什么(喜欢拍照的我,拿起相机到处拍。) 一个人旅游,可以学习独立,可以到处explore! 在这十二天里,感觉很relax! 没有EMO的夜晚,没有on call. 这次的旅游的目的只想放轻松自己,更想的是见到你。一到达Malaysia, call 又来了。>.<


这十二天里,你每一天都有早班(8.30am-6.30pm), 夜班(10.30pm-8.30am), 考试。非常感激,在忙碌的时候,你都抽时间倍伴着我。我都知道你快要累死了。当我知道被你針弄到的,心里十分内疚,希望那report 没有事。结果,report 出了没事了- 高兴!那几天都很冷,你把blanket都给我了。每当我唾时都觉得很warm。一天晩上,气温negative了,你立即起床了,搬多一个heater! With two heater, the room start warming! 朋友之间,都是一问候。How Are You? I'm fine. 是否真的fine吗? 好朋友不用多,一个、两个就够了。


每一晚都听"Bi Bo Bi Bo"的救伤车,你要工作了!

你:Emergency 和 ICU

我:听说进了ICU是很严重 。痊愈的机会高吗?
你:50% vs 50%



P/S: 朋友之间,没有分高低。大家一起分享 experience。朋友之间,没有不可告的秘密。彼此都相信对方,友谊才会走更远!
Thanks for giving me such a great wonderful unforgettable memory!


(23 May 2014 - 9 June 2014)

-Vivid Event (Video 1) -

- Vivid Event (Video 2) -

- Vivid Event (Video 3) - 

Travel to Sydney

- Taking bus Murrays to Sydney -

- Darling Harbour -

- Harbour Bridge -

- Colourful Opera House -

4-6-2014 (Wednesday) - After finished exam, we took bus Murrays to Sydney from 12pm to 3.30pm. The bus drop us at Sydney Central Station. We checked in Sydney Central YHA Australia. First time, I stayed in backpacker hotel, eight beds in a room. What is our plan today? What things can't miss it in Sydney - Darling harbour and opera house. Looking at the map plus using the Google map, we walk toward to Darling harbour.  Darling harbour - a great place to sit and relax. A romantic place - I like it! A lot of people sitting at there, any event later? Yeah :) Vivid Event : 23 May - 9 June, 2014. Sydney will be transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas. I feel I'm lucky as I was here. A tiring day.

- Early Celebration My Birthday -

5-6- 2014 (Thursday) - Too bad. The weather is no good, keep raining. We walked toward to Paddy Market  (one of Sydney's major suppliers to the tourist with souvenirs) after the rain stopped. I bought magnet fridge. Almost of the souvenirs - Made In China @.@. After that, we went to shopping with my shopping list: Manuka honey, nougats, abalone, and macadamia nut - DONE. All these things can be found in China Town, Sydney. Different shop different price. OMG, so heavy how to carry when I back. >.< After putting the heavy stuff and rest awhile at hotel, we went out for dinner. Asian food, Korean food, Japanese food? Which one you want? I choose Western food. Thanks dear for celebrate birthday with me. My birthday date can be changed from times to times. Everytimes we meet each others, the day is our birthday's date. Anyway, the Tiramisu cake is super nice. Oops, eat and eat forget to sing birthday song. Haha :)

- Bondi Beach -

- Art at Bondi Beach -

6-6-2014 (Friday) - Last day in Sydney. The weather is worse than yesterday, raining non-stop. @.@. Once the rain not too heavy, we bought a ticket to Bondi beach (taking the train and bus). Taking photo at Bondi beach. Suddenly, the sky is dark and the sea is dark. Faster ran. At the end, we still get wet and I feel very cold as getting my cloths wet. Nothing can do if the rain non-stop. The things we can do is find a fish and chips restaurant (Bondi Beach), sit down and eat while waiting the rain stop. Although the rain non-stop, we had to go back to Sydney central and taking the bus going back to Canberra.

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