Mitasu Japanese A La Carte Buffet @ Central Plaza

- Yummy,  Duck Salad, Fresh Oysters and Tiger Prawns, Deep Fried Scallop -

- Salmon , Tuna and Butter Fish -

- 珍重主人心,酒深情亦深 -

- 人間如夢,一尊還酹江月 -

- Me with my primary friend -

- My primary friend and her cousin -

31/1/2015 (Saturday) - Japanese food is not my favorite. Some more, I don't the Salmon fish and so on. Every times, I eat Japanese food with my brother. I will order the grill "Sotong" ..avocado sushi, seaweed, and crab hand roll.  First times, I eat Japanese Buffet (Price: Adult: RM 56.90, Senior Citizen: RM41, Children: RM 28 (Depends the high). Overall, the food is nice and I feel very full after eating. I like to eat the "sabba" fish which I order twice. Besides that, this is the first times, I eat the fish, inside the fish has egg. Haiz, I should not forget the name again. Eat, eat, eat. What activity I can do in KL besides eat..>,< 

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