.. Happy Birthday To Myself .. 

29-6-2013 (Saturday) - Today is my Birthday. My friend can't celebrate me as they all far away! But, this is no the matter, place different (Australia vs Malaysia), time different (2am vs 12am), she still can celebrate with me like normal through the Skype. Dear friend, I knew you are feel sleepy while waiting until 12am (the first person to wish me). Anyway, thanks for your patients, and you willing to wait. Nice chatting with you, my dear Amy!!..Get Touch!!!

Waiting, waiting, waiting another wishes! Finally, I wait your wishes and I feel great Sweetie! Thanks for sending me the best birthday song I haven't heard before, just like I heard from my Fm. Sweetie, I like it! Love your sweet Angel's voice! Thanks so much ya!!! Your efforts is really appreciated!!! <3..Get Touch!!!

Besides, I also unexpected that I received the video and letter from you, my dear Maria. Thanks for your effort for making this video, the first video you ever make. Just want to let you know I like it very much and your letter as well. Yes, you are correct! This name "Maria" is not the "Maria" stay in house, doing the housework. We got the name "Maria" as our friendship is closer. Finally, I read it and I can feel it the message from you...Get Touch!!!

That night, I celebrate birthday with my family at Restoran Shabu-Shabu. I feel happy as my younger brother back from KL to help me to celebrate. Yeah, I get the "Ang Pao" from my Mum too. Haha :) Birthday wish? I want a Peace family, I want my beloved friend always be happy that all!! With peace family, I will have a peaceful mind to work. My friends happy, I also feel happy together with them.

Thanks dear Amy, GUESS ^.^

.. Video by Maria ^.^ ..

.. Thanks Heng and Chia li, Birthday Card ^.^..

# A Simple Breakfast With my Thesis #

27-5-2013 (Monday) - Early morning, having a simple breakfast and practicing my slides once again before the viva session. Thanks Sweetie for preparing all the things well and accompany me along my master life. Feel very "幸福" as well treated by you. Anyway, you also one of my "VIP" - Very Important Person. I try to thank you without words.

Thanks for my co-supervisor who really good enough with me and attended my viva session. Finally, I finish my presentation within 40 minutes. The viva session is over. (Congratulations to You, You pass your Master with minor changes!). Yes, I did it! Thanks to my examiner, chairperson, and my supervisor and co-supervisor. The whole viva session took me 1 hours 30 minutes (Presentation, Q&A, Discussion within examiner, and Break Tea). 

After viva, I got "VIVA" car. Thanks to my University, who sponsored me (Zamalah Anugerah Penyelidikan Naib Canselor, ZPNC). Of course, need to thank my boss who nominate me. 


==> Start editing my thesis....

# Viva Slides # LATEX # 58 slides 

Viva voce Session
Degree: Master of Science (Computer Science)
Thesis Title: Generic Named-Entity Recognition for Sarawak Indigenous Languages (NERSIL)
Chairperson: Dr. Bong Chih How
External Examiner: Dr. Tang Enya Kong
Internal Examiner: Dr. Edwin Mit
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alvin Yeo Wee
Co-supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bali Ranaivo-Malacon
Date: 27 May 2013 (Monday) 
Date: 9.30am 
Venue: Viva voce room, Centre for Graduate Studies, UNIMAS

25-5-2013 (Tuesday ) - I just received the email two weeks ago before I viva. The viva voce session was held on 27 May 2013. Start my preparation: bought air-ticket (24/5 - 28/5) and bus ticket as well as doing my presentation slides. Finally, I able to finish my viva presentation slides within one week. Ops! Other people may able to finish within few days, but I only managed to finish it after one week. Yes, because of LATEX, because I want to present with professional way. Of cause is because my co-supervisor. Thanks to her as spending the valuable times, and work on the slides with me before I viva. And we had 4 hours discussion during the weekend. Edited the slides one by one and explained to me step by step. Once the slides is get done, she show me the way (How to present the slides during viva - 1) At first, how to greet people, 2) How to start the slides, 3) How to link the contents between the slides, and 4) Finally, how to conclude the slides.). After that, is my turn to present in front of her. This so called "Presentation skills". To improve my presentation skills, I more prefer to learn in this way rather than attend English class. As for writing skills, I was learning when I wrote my thesis. Anyway, thanks to my both boss. My thesis is submitted to CGS without proof reading and corrections.

I Need You...Vitamin..!

P/S: It keep at my side for long times. And, now is your turn to keep it. Hope you keep it  as long as you can.  Have any small note inside in the bottle? No..Why? Because LOVE without WORDS. Finally, you achieve a level which you understand the love without words. Referring - How to Say I Love You Without Words? 

朋友 # Piano Version # Short 

這些年 一個人
風也過 雨也走
有過淚 有過錯
真愛過 才會懂

會寂寞 會回首
終有夢 終有你 在心中
朋友 一生一起走
那些日子 不再有
一句話 一輩子
一生情 一杯酒
朋友 不曾孤單過
一聲朋友 你會懂
還有傷 還有痛
還要走 還有我

P/S: Suddenly, this song is come to my mind when you sang to me. Thus, I just plan to play this song for my friends. Hope your guys like it. Sometimes, I feel that  I will lose you in one day when you are far away. I try to hold your hand tightly so that you are not run away from me. You telling no matter I'm far or not, we still keep in touch. Friendship Forever. You make my life more memorable. A Friend is who knows you and loves you just the same. 

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