May, Jun, July...Suddenly, I disappear almost two month..x write blog..because of busy? no mood? whatever la..just feel that I don't want to express myself...>.<
Friendship?? Haiz, Suddenly, I feel tired with friendship..someone x appreciate what you did, but I still always thinking of you..Come on, stop your negative thinking..Just realize that friendship sometimes can be very very "hot"..sometimes, can be very very "cold"..."cold" without any reason..Dunno why, feel that there is a gap between you and me..>.<

Ya, I had my Certified Testers Foundation Level (CTFL) program on May. This program is just one week program (4 days lesson, 1 day tutorial, 1 day exam). I feel very struggle when the exam passing mark is 26/40 (65%)..feel not very confident..and sitting the exam with my junior and senior..totally, feel under pressure..What I can do -> just do whatever I can do..burn oil whole night with 1 cup of coffee and 2 bottle of chicken soup..that times, really very blur..>.< After sitting the exam, I just have 50% vs 50%..every night, can't sleep well..just pray for GOD..may GOD bless me for every things..After two weeks, the results should be out..but, due to my lecturer not around..wait and wait..feel no mood..At last, I received my results...Finally, I passed..So stupid I am, after received the email, still asking her, I pass the exam anot..because not marks..She reply me..because you pass already so the mail state congratulation..>.< argh..argh..I want to find my confidence..where is my confidence..anyway, want to thanks to my tutor, Elis Aswandy and sweetie...I received your message..^^Finally, my names is listed in the Malaysian Software Testing Board..result

This month I going back to hometown two weeks..within this two weeks..really got lot of project to do..what I can do? just work from home..assign others people help me..>< (Kampung Serasot, STAR Project) Besides, once I back to hometown, I start sick..really stay in home sick already..Although I sick, I still enjoying the food..everyday my mum bringing me go to eat..crab-crab..a lot of seafood I eat..hihi, finally, my dad bring me go to Penang..Having birthday celebration with my family....^^ No bad, I can meet back my old best friends..6 years, we do not each others..finally, I meet her in my brother's working place - law firm..What I can say, World really too small..Haiz, Times is pass so fast my holiday is finished..

~ my 24th birthday ~

Come back to my working place again..Others people don't know my life here..Only myself know my life here..July, another busy month? Having conference at FIT, CITA 2011 (11-14/7). Attending the workshop..title: Multilingual Knowledge Management..Learn somethings about SSM (Soft Software Methodology)..the speaker from UTM lecturer..

To be continue....

- Sarawak Indoor Stadium -
- Tzu Chi Day + Mother Day + 佛诞 Day -
- With Tzu Chi's friends -

8/5/2011 (Sunday) - Today is 古晉慈濟千人浴佛大典 at Sarawak Indoor Stadium. First times, I went to Sarawak Indoor Stadium and just realize that it is quite far from my Uni. Besides that, this is the first times, I joined this events together with thousand people there. Needless to say, I feel happy and together with my Tzu Chi's friends. Actually, the events is started at 6.30pm. But, early morning we went there for practice. Omg, I feel that I can't stand properly already, my leg is very pain now. whole day standing there from morning until night ~Super tired ~@@

Work like snails?

Currently, I feel that I work like snail. The shell just as a burden. Everyday, I go anywhere, I also need to carry it, so heavy. Sometimes, feel very exhausted but I can't give up. Everything is new things for me, the opportunity is not always offer for you. Since I have chance, I should try my best to involve it as well as enjoy it. My mum always told me never mind, take as a experience, is good for your future. May God bless me :) 
  1. Don't perceive the shell as a burden but it protects
  2. Biar lambat asal selamat

Am I free lonely? I am so lonely..

11-5-2011 (Wednesday) - I am so lonely. Everyone is not around here. Sometimes, lab left me alone here. My labmates are going back to hometown and some of the them are starting theirs work soon. Juniors are going back to hometown for 4 months (Long semesters break), seniors are going back to hometown for few weeks and lecturers also not around. Hence, the University become quiet and more quiet now. I have to be patient and wait as I only can go back to my hometown on Jun. (1 more months)

The times is passing, I feel that I do nothings within this few months (after Chinese New Years). Nothings mean equal to zero tasks? No, I have a lot of tasks, just I not focusing my main task, that why I feel that I do nothings. Yesterday, I just reschedule my times table (from May to December). The times tables is pack. I just realize I need to rush a bit. Next week, I have my postgraduate progress presentation. Then, I have to write paper plus attend the software testing program (last week of May).

Sometimes, lonely is good for me. When I start bored, I will work more harder as I want to escape the boring place as soon as possible. Hence, it gives me motivation to do my thesis. While, enjoy is good for me too, but cannot too enjoy. Thanks for my friends who always company me, I really enjoy with u all. I just thinking if I leave this place one day, should I come back again ? Ya, I think I will come back again. I believe that times, I will miss my lecturers, my seniors and junior in Sarawak. 

P/S: Jia You in my Master.. :)

Comment from Anonymous 

"Please mind your English. Pleases improve it as much as you could especially when you are no longer an undergraduate but a postgraduate instead. It doesn't matter if you start with little thing as in daily usage. But use proper and correct language, correct grammar probably. Stop all your direct translation." 
~by Anonymous.

Dear Anonymous, 
Thank you very much for comment my blog.
I will try my best to improve my English.
Hope, I can see your next comment.

P/s: I'm very curious who is this anonymous person. He/She know me very well. He/She know me, I'm no longer an undergraduate but a postgraduate instead. Ya, I'm postgraduate student almost 1 year as I know I should write in proper and correct language as well as with the correct grammar. This is one of the objective why I start to write my Blog - improve my writing skills. 

This is a blog - writing a blog can expressing my feeling as well as my daily life. Hence, I feel very freedom when I write my blog. I can write any topic as I like. Hence, I more focus on my feeling by using improper and incorrect language. Unless my reader is hard to understand my language, then only I try to write in proper language. Thanks for your comment, else I just write and write without any improvement. Although I not a good writer but maybe I can a good machine translation - direct translation, just like Google translator.

Just realize I'm Postgraduate student, you remind me I no more undergraduate student. I must behave like postgraduate student. My position and level is higher a bit. Yes, I'm Tutor as well, I no more being student. I must behave like Tutor. LOL (Laugh out Loud - already approve, no more incorrect language).

Quotes of the day:
Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what tis called experience.

Kampung Budaya Sarawak [Culture Village]

Culture Village [Rumah Iban, Rumah Bidayuh, Rumah Melanau and etc. ]

Pepper tree [Black pepper & White pepper]

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Kuching Town - Cat City

24 - 27 April 2011 - First times, I had been assigned to be tour guide and bringing them (Prof Boitet, Dr Archille, Prof Tang) to go around Kuching. This is the first times, they visited Kuching. Hence, I must give them a good impression. On the other hand, I felt proud as I able to manage the schedule of this program (planning the program, arranging the transportation and etc.) and able to invite the three professor who are very professional in Natural Language Processing especially in machine translation. Within this few days, I gains a lot of knowledge while communicating with them.

24/4/2011 (Sunday)
I went to Kuching Airport to pick them out from Airport to Four Point Hotel once they arrived to Kuching. The first impression they give me is they are very friendly. At night, we had a dinner at See Good Restaurant.

25/4/2011 (Monday)
Early morning, I brought them go to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see the Orang Utan as the feeding times for Orang Utan is around 9-10 a.m. After visiting Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, we went to Culture Village which located at Damai there. This is my 4th times, I went to Culture Village >.<

26/4/2011 (Tuesday)
The next morning, they have a session discussion with SaLT(Sarawak Language Technology) members. Each of the SaLT members have to present their Master project to them. After that, we have a lunch at Bombay Restaurant with them. Besides that, there is a seminar series at 2pm in BMU. The title of the presenter are MT & the Web and demo OMNIA project + AXiMAG project by using the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) approach. After spending the half day in FIT and later, we had a dinner at Mango Tree.

27/4/2011 (Wednesday)
Before Arhille went back to France. Today, we bringing him to Waterfront to walk around as he likes to take photo.

P/S: Learning some French words ~ merci beaucoup - Thank you very much.

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