St. Thomas's Archive and Website Competition 2011
(Mr. Wong, Principal of St. Thomas and Dr. Tan, President of OTA)
1st Prize - RM 1k , 2nd Prize - RM 750, 3rd Prize RM 500
2 x consolation Prize - RM 200

11-11-11 (Friday) - Hmm.."11".."11".."11"..Wah, a good date? Everyone posted it at Facebook. For me, everyday also special day as you make yourself special everyday. Are you? Today is prizes giving for the St. Thomas's Archive and Website Competition 2011 at St. Thomas School, Kuching during their assembly. Today also is the last day of school for them. Early morning, we have to reach at school before 7a.m. This times, I went there along with my senior as my boss around. When the assembly started, Mr. Wong bringing us to the hall. First times, I feel that I become VIP once I enter the hall..ha.. :) All the students welcome us...Suddenly, I feel that I went back to my secondary school (form 6) "Sam Tet School" is boy school..I really miss it. First, start with the "Negaraku"..followed by school song - speech by principal - prizes giving (within 5 minute).. 台上5分鐘台下十年功”.. During the website competition period (prepare poster, cert, scanning training, judge criteria, find sponsor, press release, meeting and etc..) Learn a lot of things..Yeah..Finally, I finished my job.. :) Next, I should pass my job to others..Haha :)

St. Thomas School, Kuching (1)

St. Thomas School, Kuching (2)


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