~A Dedication To A Special Friend~
I've known u for almost 5 memorable years, in a foreign school with little knowledge of its main language, u have made my form6 days a happy memory. Studies became more fun with a friend like u around. Time flew, but it did not caused us to forget each other despite the distance. U are a friend irreplaceable, always smiling always thoughtful of me. No words can justify my thankfulness to u, my special friend :)

I wish you always start your day with a peace, happy and love heart. You are the precious start that I have..always shining in my eyes & my heart..There is a present called "Present"..& You are the present start that I want to hold it tightly and greatfully.. :)

P/S: The way you express to your best friends. Just a simple messages with your feelings from your heart to let her/him know..No matter what it happen, you always be there for them..Every times, when I refer to your messages, my heart will start to get touch..thanks for being my true friend..It's a blessing to have you in my life..MiSs yOu, my best friends.. =)
你見, 或者不見我 我就在那裡 不悲不喜
你念, 或者不念我 情就在那裡 不來不去
你愛, 或者不愛我 愛就在那裡 不增不減
你跟, 或者不跟我 我的手就在你手裡
不捨不棄 來我的懷裡 或者 讓我住進你的心裡
默然 相愛 寂靜 歡喜


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