20-3-2011 (Sunday) - This is the first times, I joined the activity "Let Us Help Japan With Love" in the Shopping Center, Spring. I feel very happy, thanks for Sweetie accompanying me although I feel extremely tired standing there from 1.30pm -6.30pm (5 hours). After finish activity, having a short shopping (buy clothes) with her ^^. Then, go to eat together..Haha :) To me, it totally first experience, holding the donation box standing there 5 hours to ask people donate money. I wondering how come I will do like that..haha :) Yeah, is times to learn how to speak, how to ask..else my donation box will be empty. During the activity, a guy come towards me and ask "Do you know how to sing Japan song? I directly say NO..After that, he sing Japan song..really very funny leh..hahahaha..Besides that, I feel very happy, seeing the people there so generous, they willing to donate :) But, some of people also refuse to donate..or anothers ..once they heard is "Tzu Chi Buddist", they will automatically donate..since Tzu Chi Buddist really help a lot of people. .Haha :) Finally, I feel so happy when my donation box is almost full. This is because Sunday, sure many people go for shopping..between, I also meet few lecturers there too..haha :) Anyway, really hope this donation can help the victims in Japan.


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