What I should write? Too many things..><
This whole weeks is busy with applying the fundamental research grant scheme (FRGS) for my master project. Modify here and there until now still modifying as the document have to go to many level (supervisor, faculty, university, and finally high education level..). Killing so many trees as printing and printing again. Haiz.. Finally, really hope get the grants, so that my master project will be go smoothly.

Today, is the tutorial 4 for SAD. Feel happy when a student telling me, she very understanding what I teach during the class, give a clap to me. They start paying attention during the tutorial class. Tutor should have communicate often with the students, so that there is no gap between us.

I feel very happy because finally, I can date with sweetie for lunch after long long times ago. Thanks for "cia" me eat. Feel lovely when together with you. Hope we can have outing when free again. ^^

Today, I should meet my supervisor for master progress meeting. Oh no, because lack of sleep, so the meeting is cancel. Until now, I still haven updated my master progress to him almost 2 months. A bit worry now, but as long as I know what I have doing now is alright. Besides that, I been assigned to mark the midterm paper. While I marking the paper. Should I feel sad or happy? Feel happy is because the student can answer it. Feel sad is because the student don't want to try to answer. But, both students also in same class. Is my problem? Or other problems? Anyway, I have to find the solution as soon as possible.

After the meeting, still need to modify the FRGS form but this times is better, just minor changes only (after modifying 4-5 times). Today, I so happy as I can play badminton with sweetie and others at 7 mile badminton court there. So long, not do exercise after my leg get injured last times. This times, I can play again mean that my leg recover. After play 2 hours not stop (7.30 pm- 9.30pm), feel tired and come out sweat..NICE..After finish playing, we go "lao haung jia" eat dinner.
Half day in lab, half day went out..haha :) Enjoy enjoy..Where is our next station..? Beach Carnival in April?

Early 4.30am go to Kuching for the Going Green Charity Sale. Helping them carrying all the things. So tired, no times to eat and rest. Hopefully, got sweetie dabao food for me. Standing whole day at the drink stall there, keep asking"Do you want to buy fresh soya ? This one is Rm 10.00..This one is Rm 3.00" Suddenly, become a sale girl. Finally, we manage to sell all. No bad, got experience in marketing. ^^


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