- First times,  I went to VIVA hall by using the rapid KL -

- Finally, we reach out destination -

- 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo Ticket, RM 25 -

- 100 Doraemon - 

- Please bring me go along with you - 
- I wish to recall the every happy moment with you -

- Anyway, we still need to separate at the end -
其实离别 不是最伤心的 
伤心的是 离别后 回想起你我的回忆
..Miss U Always..

- Yeah, I got a wallet -

- Cute -

- Doremon - Yume Wo Kanaete -

2-3-2014 (Sunday) - Again, with heart, distance is nothing. One from Johor, one from Tampin, another one just came back from Sarawak. We planned to meet each others in KL and we went to visit 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo 2014 together at VIVA shopping mall. Someone just finished her "VIVA" exam, and now we go for "VIVA" again. Before the day, we overnight at Downtown, Tune hotel. I really hard to imagine, three of us sleep in a queen bed size. The difference between Tune hotel in DownTown and Waterfront, Kuching is the room is smaller, toilet is smaller, and more expensive. A very noisy night, the noisy from motorbike, but I still able to sleep like pig.  

The next morning, we checked out and we went to the VIVA shopping mall. For me, this is the first times I used rapid KL. Friends, thanks for accompanying me along the trip. Once we reached our destination, we saw the place is crowded with people. Today activity, eat Korean food (lunch) -> Visit Doraemon -> Tea time -> Back to Home town. After that, I took KLIA transit back to Putrajaya central. A very very short trip with my ex-house mate.


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