P/S:新年...新年...新的一年(2012) 快到了...大家都忙着买年货...每一年的新年我都会回家去...见见家人...见见朋友...自从,我到这儿来,我都很少很少跟家人去 travel 很想这次回家跟家人一起去travel...记得,上一次回家-我的生日,爸爸问我要去那里?我要去Penang..结果,就去Penang 一日游。。哈哈 :) Share 新的一首歌 from 謝佳見 - 新年回家.. ^.^

新年回家 ~ 謝佳見

Cry On My Shoulder

If the hero never comes to you
If you need someone you're feeling blue
If you're away from love and you're alone
If you call your friends and nobody's home
You can run away but you can't hide
Through a storm and through a lonely night
Then I show you there's a destiny
The best things in life
They're free


But if you wanna cry
Cry on my shoulder
If you need someone who cares for you
If you're feeling sad your heart gets colder
Yes I show you what real love can do

If your sky is grey oh let me know
There's a place in heaven where we'll go
If heaven is a million years away
Oh just call me and I make your day
When the nights are getting cold and blue
When the days are getting hard for you
I will always stay here by your side
I promise you I'll never hide

Repeat chorus

What real love can do
What love can do
What real love can do
What love can do
What real love can do
What love can do

P/S: Like this song so much especially the chorus part.. :) If you wanna cry, cry on my shoulder.. Are u ready to give u shoulders to me or I will give my shoulder to u when u need it.. :)

一个骰子“爱” 并代表不到什么
只希望你拥有它 - 拥有它 = 拥有我





P/S: 你的出现,让我感觉到,我一直以来都有人關心我 - 那一种难易形容的感觉 -只有两个字来形容 - ”幸福“...其实,你要得到他人的关心也很简单...就好像,你要做一颗快乐的种子--你要是一个快乐的人,你说的话就是喜悦--你快乐,你也会感染身边的人一起快乐 :)

-Early preparation - Christmas Card -

- Merry Christmas 圣诞节快乐-

- You are my angel- I hope this angel will always take care of you -

-Let us countdown together -

Enya - The Spirit of Christmas Past

P/S: 时间如流水,转眼间,又一年了...一年又一年就这样过了...多一个星期,我又不在这儿了...那时的我,是在Singapore了...很期待到处去看看,听说那儿气氛满不错(Orchard Road)...这是,我第一次自己去旅行+去present my work..是时候,学习独立了,一定要好好感受那经历..非常难得的一个机会...Singapore回来-过几天,我又回去家乡了-很期待看见家人..可以一家人团圆-吃汤圆..可以教你搓汤圆了。。o。0。。很期待!! 非常地期待!! =)

謝謝寂寞 - 謝佳見

忘了是幾點了 天亮了 感覺我還活著
快樂不快樂 你讓我不懂了
世界仿佛跟我閉上眼 謝謝漆黑一片

最後還是要謝謝你寂寞 混亂的思緒終於能放空
阻止我 滿身是傷 在人群裡 拼命逃亡
最後還是要謝謝你寂寞 終於我習慣一個人的痛
這是我 一碰就碎的夢 謝謝寂寞

世界仿佛跟我閉上眼 謝謝漆黑一片
好讓我看不見 讓我永遠一輩子都失眠 yeah

最後還是要謝謝你寂寞 混亂的思緒終於能放空
阻止我 滿身是傷 在人群裡 拼命逃亡
最後還是要謝謝你寂寞 終於我習慣一個人的痛
這是我一碰就碎的夢 啊

無所謂 我無所謂 一個人崩潰
不想成為 任何人的負累 yeah
最後還是要謝謝你寂寞 混亂的思緒終於能放空
阻止我 滿身是傷在人群裡 拼命逃亡
最後真的要謝謝你寂寞 終於我習慣一個人的痛
這是我 一碰就碎的夢謝謝寂寞

MY FM 古晋台庆之灿烂序章
地点:古晋团结室内体育馆 (Stadium Perpaduan, KCH)

First times, win the ticket from my FM Perodua 特工队
during ICT Fair -27/11/2011 (last Sunday) at BCCK

..Two Entrance ticket..

..Performance -Over the rainbow + Angry Bird with Erhu (Cute)..

VIP: 張棟樑Nicholas Teo, 謝佳見 Melvin Sia, 林德荣, 颜薇恩

..每一次,你的出现给我带来不同的感觉.. :)

P/S: This is the second times, I join this kind of event. The 1st times, I joined 2011 Year End Countdown Party Live in Kuching, MJC City (VIP person - 神木与瞳..林宇中and etc...) 2012 Year End Countdown - where ?? Still in my planning..Hope that this times, I can bring you another enjoyable day to you..Back to this performance - the overall performance is very nice..quite funny as 林德荣 and 颜薇恩 are the MC..Both of them really make a lot of fun.. :) Any way really enjoy it - have a lovely outing with you...Hahaha :)

張棟樑Nicholas Teo (Performance)

《爱上你.MY FM》-Intro Song...

- You are the apple of my eyes -
第一次的我,刚刚认识你的时候,你的个性、气质和等等.....就让我对你产出-许许多多的好奇心,很想很想更一步地了解你。每当有机会遇见你时,我会好好把握那机会,主动地问你。日子一天一天地过,我开始慢慢了解你。也许,大家都开始了解对方了。这时的我,在一旁想了又想...当我更了解你时.....我想问问题的时候,我的心中就有答案了。那答案是否和你心中的答案一样吗?不断地想...结果,那问题就一直在我脑海里。这时的我,想了很久.....是否,我是真真的了解你吗?或是,我对自己的信心还不足 >.<

~A Dedication To A Special Friend~
I've known u for almost 5 memorable years, in a foreign school with little knowledge of its main language, u have made my form6 days a happy memory. Studies became more fun with a friend like u around. Time flew, but it did not caused us to forget each other despite the distance. U are a friend irreplaceable, always smiling always thoughtful of me. No words can justify my thankfulness to u, my special friend :)

I wish you always start your day with a peace, happy and love heart. You are the precious start that I have..always shining in my eyes & my heart..There is a present called "Present"..& You are the present start that I want to hold it tightly and greatfully.. :)

P/S: The way you express to your best friends. Just a simple messages with your feelings from your heart to let her/him know..No matter what it happen, you always be there for them..Every times, when I refer to your messages, my heart will start to get touch..thanks for being my true friend..It's a blessing to have you in my life..MiSs yOu, my best friends.. =)
你見, 或者不見我 我就在那裡 不悲不喜
你念, 或者不念我 情就在那裡 不來不去
你愛, 或者不愛我 愛就在那裡 不增不減
你跟, 或者不跟我 我的手就在你手裡
不捨不棄 來我的懷裡 或者 讓我住進你的心裡
默然 相愛 寂靜 歡喜

What a "TIRING" Day for Me
After walking, we still go to buy some ingredients for making
egg tart, pineapple up-side down, pizza and fried tom yam
using the Tupper chef Fryer Product.

DEMO start
Preparing the ingredients (Mushroom, Cheese, Egg and etc...)

Delicious Egg Tart
Make pastry and filling

After baking, the egg tart look like this.. :)

Pineapple Up-Side Down Cake


Fried Tom Yam Mee Hoon

..Cleaning Time..after finish cooking..

Me and Shia Yok.. ^.^

P/S: Thanks for Yen's mother demo how to cook delicious food (Egg Tart, Pineapple Up-Side Down, Fried Tom Yam Mee Hoon, Pizza..). Plan to make the egg tart when I going back to hometown in this coming months (December)..^.^ Enjoying the dinner with Yen's family..The whole night, eat until very very FULL..Besides, thanks for uncle giving me a new English Name - Molly..haha :)........

World Walking Day 2011 20/11/11
World Walk Day = Green Day
All people wearing the Green T-Shirt
and walking together (4000 steps)
1..2..3..4..5..start counting steps..6..7..8..9..10..n steps..

Sponsored by Nestle
..Good Food..Good Life.. :)

World Walking Day - Cap + Green T-Shirt
This cap is special for the registrant who register online (limited to first 100)

Taking photo is our INTEREST
..Enjoying take photo while walking..
Kuching, Riverside..Waterfront (1)

Kuching, Riverside..Waterfront (2)

Kuching, Riverside..Waterfront (3)

* I love photography that means something..
that says somethings to me with meaning.."FEEL" :)

We met by chance and turned into friends
and now our destiny keeps us close to each other
making our friendship grow more with the passing time
You are a friend for my lifetime !!! :)

P/S: Sleep at 2am and wake up at 4am...2 hours sleeping..Imagine - Later, I walked in sleep mode..@@..Early morning, we went there to collect our T-shirt and cap. Besides, met a lot of senior and junior there. Before walking start, we do some aerobic exercise..UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT..a lot of sweat coming out..After that, we sang song together with title "Satu Malaysia"- a song with nice melody and lyrics.

"Satu Malaysia" Theme Song :).

You Are The Apple Of My Eye

First times I read this sentences "You Are The Apple Of My Eye"
I think about the "Apple" products - IPad, IPhone and MacPro..
The second times I read the same sentences again.
I just know that is a title of the movie.
The third times, after I searching through Internet
I just get the meaning of this sentences.
"You Are The Apple Of My Eye"
refer to
"Someone who is very precious to you"
Just like "You very precious to me"

P/S: Finally, I able to watch this movie ( 1 hour 45 minutes) which I wait for 3 months long. This movie is "Nice", "Touching" and "Funny" etc..First times, I not feel sleepy in cinema..Some more I feel that the movie is short..When the movie left 15 minutes, I thinking how is the "Ending"..Watching this movie with someone who is precious for you. Thanks for companying me. Really enjoy every moment with you.. :) ...Suddenly, got this kind of feeling..[喜欢牽妳的手感觉]...Telling around your friend..[我想成為一個很厲害的人,讓這個世界因為有了我而有一點點的不一樣]...This sentences quite familiar for me as always heard from someone..[我总觉得你把我想得太好了,我根本没有你想的那么好] Haha :) ...You only like me in that period? [我喜欢当年喜欢着你的我 ].....

"MY" eyes will speak more
when "MY" heart starts listening to "YOU" silently...
"MY" life becomes more exciting
when "I" read "YOUR" eyes silently...

Christmas is around the corner
Still got 1 months *Plus *Plus
Last year, I celebrated Christmas in Sibu
This year, I celebrate Christmas in my hometown (Ipoh)
I hope I can celebrate with you
Yeah, I already prepare my Christmas's present.. :)

..After movie times with my housemates
Now, is eating times..
..Our dinner - Steamboat..

St. Thomas's Archive and Website Competition 2011
(Mr. Wong, Principal of St. Thomas and Dr. Tan, President of OTA)
1st Prize - RM 1k , 2nd Prize - RM 750, 3rd Prize RM 500
2 x consolation Prize - RM 200

11-11-11 (Friday) - Hmm.."11".."11".."11"..Wah, a good date? Everyone posted it at Facebook. For me, everyday also special day as you make yourself special everyday. Are you? Today is prizes giving for the St. Thomas's Archive and Website Competition 2011 at St. Thomas School, Kuching during their assembly. Today also is the last day of school for them. Early morning, we have to reach at school before 7a.m. This times, I went there along with my senior as my boss around. When the assembly started, Mr. Wong bringing us to the hall. First times, I feel that I become VIP once I enter the hall..ha.. :) All the students welcome us...Suddenly, I feel that I went back to my secondary school (form 6) "Sam Tet School" is boy school..I really miss it. First, start with the "Negaraku"..followed by school song - speech by principal - prizes giving (within 5 minute).. 台上5分鐘台下十年功”.. During the website competition period (prepare poster, cert, scanning training, judge criteria, find sponsor, press release, meeting and etc..) Learn a lot of things..Yeah..Finally, I finished my job.. :) Next, I should pass my job to others..Haha :)

St. Thomas School, Kuching (1)

St. Thomas School, Kuching (2)

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