19-1-2011 (Wednesday) - Finally, the camp was finish, 2 day 1 night camp (15-1-2011 to 16-1-2011) at 古晉慈濟會所. The title of the camp is "飞往幸福的路途". Last weekend (7/1-9/1), we go there and rehearsal. At that times, I act as participant. Every event, I also have to participate and give opinion. Everyone is try their best to do their work. We learn how to cooperate, how to solve problem together. I feel very happy as I meet many new friends (but, they all younger than me, year 90-92). When I treat them just like I treat my younger brother. Haha :p

During the camp, I act as the leader of the group (8 person per group). As a leader, I need to communicate well with the member, make fun with them, caring them, try to sharing with them. It totally a new experience for me. Before that, I'm just keep quiet, I don't like sharing. So, this is a good times for me to change. It really challenge me. In University times, I also be leader for assignment and project. A good leader is able to assign the work equally to member and guide them how to do, and final produce a quality assignment and project which fulfill the requirement of lecturer. That times, I not a good leader, because I no give chance for my member to learn. I try to handle the whole project as much as I can. This is because they always say don't how to do. As a member, they should know times always limited. Although group leader have to take responsibility, but member also have to responsibility on their work (this kind of things will happen again and again, although you come to working life).

When come to 行孝环节, plus sharing part. Many people start crying. But, I not crying on that times, although the story is so touch. Maybe, I already become mature. As I always tell myself, I must be strong. I must forget all the sadness memory. It is very tiring if you always keep in your mind, unable concentrate on your work. It better, let the past just pass and concentrate on work. Look forward our future. Besides that, maybe my friend and my relative leave this world early, that why I start to know we must appreciate each others especially your family (parents+ siblings) , the closer people with you. Every night, I also calling back to my mother, so that they know me doing well here. She always ask me: "Are you alone there?" and I answer: "I not alone, I have junior and senior". Sometimes, I really alone but I not telling my parents so that they don't worry, but I really enjoy alone life. Thanks again to my senior and junior who always support me. I always will not forget my supervisor. Haha ^^

Finally, after this camp, I really gain a lot of things. There have many story make me start to think mature. If I have times, I try to sharing again..^^ I should care someone who need care.

~ With Twin Jong Left[Cheryne Jong], Right[Cherole Jong] ~

~ Another committee Left[ Lim Li Khun], Right[Goh Min Lee] ~

~ Camp Song 我很幸福 ~


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