Travel to Sydney

- Taking bus Murrays to Sydney -

- Darling Harbour -

- Harbour Bridge -

- Colourful Opera House -

4-6-2014 (Wednesday) - After finished exam, we took bus Murrays to Sydney from 12pm to 3.30pm. The bus drop us at Sydney Central Station. We checked in Sydney Central YHA Australia. First time, I stayed in backpacker hotel, eight beds in a room. What is our plan today? What things can't miss it in Sydney - Darling harbour and opera house. Looking at the map plus using the Google map, we walk toward to Darling harbour.  Darling harbour - a great place to sit and relax. A romantic place - I like it! A lot of people sitting at there, any event later? Yeah :) Vivid Event : 23 May - 9 June, 2014. Sydney will be transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas. I feel I'm lucky as I was here. A tiring day.

- Early Celebration My Birthday -

5-6- 2014 (Thursday) - Too bad. The weather is no good, keep raining. We walked toward to Paddy Market  (one of Sydney's major suppliers to the tourist with souvenirs) after the rain stopped. I bought magnet fridge. Almost of the souvenirs - Made In China @.@. After that, we went to shopping with my shopping list: Manuka honey, nougats, abalone, and macadamia nut - DONE. All these things can be found in China Town, Sydney. Different shop different price. OMG, so heavy how to carry when I back. >.< After putting the heavy stuff and rest awhile at hotel, we went out for dinner. Asian food, Korean food, Japanese food? Which one you want? I choose Western food. Thanks dear for celebrate birthday with me. My birthday date can be changed from times to times. Everytimes we meet each others, the day is our birthday's date. Anyway, the Tiramisu cake is super nice. Oops, eat and eat forget to sing birthday song. Haha :)

- Bondi Beach -

- Art at Bondi Beach -

6-6-2014 (Friday) - Last day in Sydney. The weather is worse than yesterday, raining non-stop. @.@. Once the rain not too heavy, we bought a ticket to Bondi beach (taking the train and bus). Taking photo at Bondi beach. Suddenly, the sky is dark and the sea is dark. Faster ran. At the end, we still get wet and I feel very cold as getting my cloths wet. Nothing can do if the rain non-stop. The things we can do is find a fish and chips restaurant (Bondi Beach), sit down and eat while waiting the rain stop. Although the rain non-stop, we had to go back to Sydney central and taking the bus going back to Canberra.


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