12-10-2012 (Friday) - Happy 2nd Graduation Anniversary (10-10-10). I like the date ten, ten, ten..A bit disappointed when I unable to attend the convocation this year. Never mind, I aim for next year convocation 2013. I hope that times we can graduate together. :) Staying in Unimas (be Research Assistant) or going back to hometown (be Software engineering). Yes, finally I decided go back to hometown. I want to change environment. I want to explore more. I will gain 1 year working experience when I get Master Certificate. Not because I not love my University anymore. Of course, I love my University as I stayed there almost 5 years and I miss my friend too.

What I have to do now? Yes, finding job. What position? Software engineering?, System analyst? and etc..(programming, research, analysis..??? )..10/10, I send my resume to the company (Ipoh, KL, Penang, and Singapore). I had write 5 pages of resume, compared to my internship (I only wrote 2 pages of resume). 5 pages include the certified program, project, publication and curriculum. I  feel fortunate as my University offer certificate programs (without paying any cents, I able to attend those certificate programs).. :)

11/10, call for interview. 12/10, I go for interview (Ipoh). This is the second times I interview. The first times I interview during internship. I feel quite lucky as I skipped some interview before and finally, I get the application without interview. Interview preparation? Buying book references, ("How to get job easily?", How to improve the interview skills?") For me, all this book is not suitable for IT student (depends what position you apply). Two times interview, the interview took 2 hours ++. The interviewer will provide set of question (query (SQL) , coding (Object-oriented language), logic question and etc.). Each set of the question will took 30 minutes to 1 hours.

Example of interview questions:
1) How to find and solve the errors in your code?
2) If I want to create a system, how many table you need to create?
Interviewee : What kind of system?
Interviewer : A simple system, you just need to tell me how many table we need to create?
Interviewee: Simple system, I need to know what kind of simple system, what kind of data, then only I can decide.
3) Master of science in IT ?
Interviewee: Yes, Master of science in IT is more to research, Degree in IT is more to programming and concepts.
Interviewer: Master in IT = Master in programming language.
4) Do you able to create a system ON TIMES now?
5) Can you explain what system you did before?
Interviewee: In my University, we did a lot of project with different kind of programming languages...
6) Master in Computer Linguistics?
Interviewer: Computer Linguistics - same with programming languages
Interviewee: No. Using computer to apply in languages (e.g languages - Sarawak indigenous languages)
Interviewer: How IT related to Linguistics? Can you explain?
7) This work is very stress. Do you able to overcome?

After the interview..
I feel like I discuss about the code more than interview. What we learn in University is not the required for industry area. In University, we learn the basic programming languages (C, C++). In industry, they required basic programming skills (.NET, VB, C sharp) == totally different. Currently, some newspaper posted that nowadays the graduates without qualification, but they expected high salary. Why the graduates without qualification (3-4 years degree holder, without qualification) ? What we learn in this 3 to 4 years? Interview without success (Never mind, you can gain the interview experience). Interview success (Congratulations to you, you can start to gain your working experience).

The following day, call for interview (KL and Penang). So far, received all the reply (except the company in Singapore). I will try it again for next times. One more things, once you come out from University, you are still consider fresh graduate (without working experience). It does not consider how long in stay in University, helping your lecturer. Anyway, start to plan my future and enjoy the new phrase life.


everyday is a new day.

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