Satang Island (2 Days 1 Night)
 25-26 August 2012

Kampung Telaga Air
 View at Satang Island
Dinner Time - McDonald
Taking Photo with Small Turtle
121 Turtle Eggs
Small Turtle

25-26 August 2012 (Saturday & Sunday) - Early morning, we depart from Unimas at 10am to Carpenter Street, having breakfast at there. After breakfast, we go to buy some food for our lunch and dinner as well. Around 12 something, we heading to Kampung Telaga Air. We reached there at 1.45pm and waiting for boat to come. After that,  we take a 30 minutes boat ride to reach Satang Island. A island without electricity. The electricity only provided from 7pm (when the sky is getting dark) until the generator is run out of fuel. That day, no other guest in the island, just 6 of us. Yeah, definitely "FUN". After we put our stuff, we go for snorkeling (the snorkeling equipment is provided). And, I'm felt so hungry and tired. Yes, dinner delivery- McDonald..Yummy, yummy... :) What is our next activity? Nothing to do there, besides chatting there. Some more, at night, we not allowed to walk along the beach as that times the turtle might start to come ashore and lay eggs. Wait..and..wait..We wait until 10pm. Yes, we saw a turtle come ashore. But, at the end, the turtle cannot find a suitable place to lay her egg, then she go back to sea. That times, we felt very disappointed when we can't see the turtle lay eggs. Around 12am midnight, we go beach again. Yeah, finally, we found a turtle lay eggs and another turtle is still digging a deep hole (around 1 hours). After that, the rangers there collect the turtles eggs, count them and replace them in a beach hatchery. When the hatchlings emerge from their eggs after 40-60 days, the rangers will record the numbers and release them into the sea (at night). That night, around 2am, only we go to bed. I sleep tightly without fan. Very nice experience trip and enjoy fun with your guys. :)


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