..Dinner at Pinoy Ihaw-Ihaw Grill Cafe..

Other people booking restaurant, but I booking "YOU" in one month early through email as you are so special. It took me about one month to plan your birthday. I just want to give you "SURPRISE" birthday. There are many food  we've tried, but we haven the Filipino food before. So, I decided to have birthday dinner at Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw-Ihaw Grill & Cafe (Jalan Padungan). When I ordered the Crispy Pata (Filipino Pork Leg), the owner encouraged us to order others foods as the pork leg is quite big. But, at the end, I still order the Crispy Pata as it is a popular Filipino Pork Recipe. That night, I really enjoy the dinner as well as  chatting with you. 

After the dinner, the next station? The next station is Friendship Park. We walked around the grounds. Are you be prepared? As I want to sing a song to you. After that, I bring my cheese cakes, lighten the candles, and start singing in front of you..1.2.3..".Happy Birthday To You..Happy Birthday To You"..(Stop)..Ops, suddenly, can't continue the song and I start sweating..(To Be Continue) Happy Birthday To You..Happy Birthday To You..Yes, I finally finish the song. This is the first times, I solo sang in front you. You are the lucky one..Every times, I feel relax, and enjoy with you. As here, I don't have music instrument (piano, guitar) with me. Thus, I play the song with my Ipad and record it. Hope you like it.."MISS YOU ALWAYS" *hug*.. :)

..Birthday Song play with Ipad..


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