Jeju Island  濟州島

~ Start our journey ~
~ Black Pork Restaurant ~ 
~ Yongduam Rock ~
~ View from Yongduam Rock ~
 ~ Lighthouses ~ 
19/05/2015 (Tuesday)
Our next destination, Jeju Island. We took the flight went to Jeju Island. It took 1 hour flight from Seoul to Jeju Island. Once we reached Jeju's airport, we take a shuttle bus to rental car office and make payment at there (Chevy car - enough for 5 of person and luggage). After checked in Jeju R Hotel & GuestHouse , we went to black pock restaurant. Dragon peak (Yongduam Rock). 
LED horse

~ Teddy Bear Museum (1) ~
~ Teddy Bear Museum (2) ~
~ Teddy Bear Museum (3) ~
~ Western Wedding VS Korea Wedding ~ 

~ Sunset (1) ~
~ Sunset (2) ~ 
~ Sunset (3) ~
~ Sunset (4) ~
~ Seaweed ~

20/05/2015 (Wednesday)
Early morning, we went to Jeongbang Falls (Entrance fee - 2,000 won) - is the only water fall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. Another waterfalls we visited which is Cheongjiyeon Falls. Historical museum? Boring..But, in Korea, there are many museums can attract people such as Trick Art museum*, Sex & Health museum*, Love Island*, Teddy bear museum and so on. I choose Teddy bear Museum (Entrance fee - 9500 won). Feel childish? No no. I always think myself I'm still young. It worth to visit as there are many teddy bears from various countries. (*) - the places I unable to visit due to limited times. Around 5 p.m, we went to Jeju Gemneung Beach which is a good place to view the sunset.

Manjuggal Caves
Seongsan Inchulbong Peak (1)
Seongsan Inchulbong Peak (2)
Seongsan Inchulbong Peak (3)
Jeju Aqua Planet ~

21/05/2015 (Thursday)
We went to Manjuggal Caves - the longest lava tube in the world. Jeju seafood nice? Expensive? Yeah, we tried the seafood meals: abalone's porridge, abalone's Kimchi soup as well as abalone's seaweed soup. After full with energy, it times to climb again, Seongsan Inchulbong Peak. It is 182 meters high rose from the sea in a series of volcanic eruptions beginning over 100,000 years ago. After Seongsan Inchulbong Peak, we rush to Jeju Aqua Planet. At night, we shopping at E-MART, we bought some Korean snacks - Gilrim Honey Butter Almond, Pepero and seaweed snacks.

Dol Hareubags

 Dol Hareubangs 
(Korean word - dol refer to Stone and Hareubang refer to grandfather)
become the symbol of Jeju Island)


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