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22-7-2013 (Monday) - Gold investment, Silver investment, Mutual fund, Unit trust, Share Trading and so on..So many kind of investment, which once you prefer to? My friend is asking "Could I be at risk?" If I able to answer you, then I will not invest anymore. Do you want to be trader or investor? (during open investment account). Sorry, can you explain more to me what the difference trader and investor? Yes, finally I gain some new  knowledge from her. What is next? Start to do research for share trading. :)

Besides share trading, there is another way to earn fast money that is Sales. Tea time with my friend - explain to me about his business - SALES. "You give me Rm 6k to open an account, then you can select any two product from our company. After that, you just need to intro friends to join this. If you no good in social network also nevermind! I will help you to grow up your network. If i give me Rm 6k now, you will get back Rm 200k after 1 year". Feel interesting but believe there are no free lunches in this world. Sorry, i can't make the decision now as Rm 6k is too much for me, can i try next times. Sorry, i only offer you this times for you. Next times, i will request more. @@.From him, you unable to take out Rm 6k mean your financial have problem! You look at me, 22 year old, i able to take out Rm 6k anytimes. You are 26 year old already but unable to take out Rm 6k now plus with financial problem. In order to achieve your dream, you may start to join this. Sorry, I can't make decision now. From him, you can't make decision now mean you not trust our friendship. Sorry to say that I prefer don't have this kind of friendship.

Here is the list of direct sales: Click
I just realize it after I read the blog above. All the things you tell me is "SAME". Are you going to memorize it and tell me?  

8 share community - More in details

Total Cash out to Date

Thirdly, if you like getting free stuff, extra cash every month and being the first to introduce something new, this is the place for you, 8 share. Start to register now for FREE! Start join this community during my university life. That times, I still not believe it until I get the first cash out. 

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