My new look without spec..
Got any different compare to previous..
Oh friend say is not Me..><
If not me, who am I...??

write report..
review report..update report..
Report = Assignment..
Report = Project..
Report = Exam..
Report see me..
I see report..
My English level..
will be..
better and better..
worse and worse..

Currently, feel very emo when I know you emo and I can't help you anything. Don't know why I seldom pay attention on people but I will pay attention on you, that why I care what you did as I had sweet memory with you before. You scare to disturb people, you try to keep all the things yourself as you don't want others people worry about you. Hence, you start to keep away from others. All this things is just what I thought, maybe I think so much. Everyday, I just thinking of you and what I can do for you. Day after day, my heart have been broken and sad. There is a gap between you and me. Maybe its best if I keep away and start concentrate on my work. Anyways, I will not forget the sweet moment with you..Always been there for you..May God bless u..

Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. :)

When your heart gets hurt, you don’t need someone to heal the scar and take away the pain.
What you need is someone who will make you realize that nothing’s really broken. :)

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