4-Oct-2010 (Monday) -Today is the 4th day of October. Times is flying. One months holiday already gone. Is thinking, what I did in this months? besides, I do houseworks and as a driver fetching my sister go to school everyday. Yeah, I also managed to meet with my best friends, Amy and Yin Fei. We so long don't meet each others. Each of us are very busy, each of us have different path to go and we all looking forward our future. Seriously, I not touch any coding, what I learn in my University in this 3 years is almost forget. Thus, I need to catch up in this months.

What so special in this months? Yeah, my Master's degree is start. I need to speed up 3x since I left 3 months. Besides that, what so special in this months? Yup, I have my convocation in this Sunday (10/10/10) afternoon. It can be said is my "big" day in my life. Struggling within this 3 years, finally I can graduate. Besides that, "Ten, Ten, Ten" is a nice date too. Before that, I also attend the Convo Raya party in this coming Friday. There are many activity is waiting me. I like it. Always remember, enjoy is enjoy, study is study. I must concentrate on my Master's research first.

Furthermore, am I bad luck or good luck? I just fall down on last Sunday and the next Sunday is my convocation. Can I walk on that day? I hope I can recover soon. Within this two months, I fall down twice. The first times, I fall down during Infosys times when I play Ping Pong. Ya, I can say I become older. Once I fall down, I can't wake up directly. I need to be more careful when I walk next times. Now, I can imagine the "sport" people, their hand or leg are always get injured and need to do operation. May God bless me.

Life quotes of a day:
There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.


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